Best Bowling Ball for No Thumb

Do you love no thumb bowling but don’t know the best bowling ball for no thumb bowling? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. I understand bowling has several techniques, and the best for each person will vary.

Some people prefer two-finger bowling. But since some people bowl without a thumb, I compiled a list of the best balls for no thumb bowling.


Top 3 Bowling Ball for no Thumb Reviews


I chose this ball thanks to its traditional light bulb shape that makes it easy on the hands. Holding it in either hand feels natural, making for smooth throwing that hits the target specifically well when thumb bowling.

Its reactive cover enables smoother motion by providing the right length and hook motion that ensures it moves in a straight line as you throw it. I am both left and right-handed and so tested this ball with all my hands and was delighted to find it is ideal for 2 finger bowling.

The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball is grippy enough for you to use it on either light or medium oil lanes. You can also use it on dry lanes since it has a sleek appearance that will allow you to direct it as you want.

Another thing that impressed me with this ball is the back-end motion that allows a player a lot of control. Unlike other balls I’ve tried, it doesn’t skid out of your hands like a missile from a rocket.

Additionally, you can drill this ball and put a hook on your roll, and it still is a pretty comfortable ball. The excellent hook won’t take you that long to learn to control, even if you are a beginner.

If you are looking for a comfortable easy to use a thumbless ball, this one should feature prominently on your list of balls to check out. Although it easily sustains chips, you can be sure it will serve you for quite some time.

It is best for both left and right-handed bowlers
You can use it as a hook ball with proper drilling
You can adjust it for good performance on oily or dry lanes
It is comfortable and makes for easier bowling
The ball is ideal for beginners and amateurs
It is super reactive and grips the lane well

It gets chips quickly and might thus not be durable when used often


If you are a bowling enthusiast, then you must have heard of the Hammer black Widow ball. You don’t have to be a hammer to try the new upgraded version, though. The latest version of the Black Widow features the same original black and red colors seen in its predecessor that make it so irresistible.

It also retains the aggressive look, although it has an improved amount of traction that’s ideal for oil and medium dry lanes. The traction ensures the ball generates a lot of force while in motion, giving it many entry angles.

The angle is responsible for higher scores even f you are a beginner. Although it has a level of aggressiveness in its design and shape, it would still feel comfortable in your hands. With urethane used, you can be sure the aggressiveness doesn’t get out of hand.

Another thing it shares with the Original Black Widow apart from the shape is the gas mask core. This core will produce motion speeds any thumbless player would love.

The carbon fiber used to make the outer core also makes it a relatively durable ball. The carbon fiber also gives it the power to spin along the lane with ease. As such, you won’t need to use too much force to throw it and score.

Apart from the build of this thumbless ball, I loved the coloring and artistry on it. This ball has a menacing red spider on it and streaking blue lines for equal measure. That makes it a badass ball.

It is a stylish ball thanks to the spider engraving and streaks of blue lines
The aggressive isn’t too much because of the urethane material
It is ideal for beginners and won’t take much to get used to
The carbon fiber core makes it durable
Ideal for medium lanes and oil
It hits hard

The curves it produces might be too strong


I loved that even kids who don’t know how to throw a ball are comfortable with this ball. That’s because it’s easy on the hands and you can use it with both hands. That is why it made my list.

What immediately strikes you with this ball is the shiny polyester covering. The classy polyester outer core has a polished shine to it that will immediately endear the ball to you.

You can use this ball with ease on dry lanes with a straight breakpoint shape. The factory finish ensures it glides over the Lane with ease improving accuracy, which boosts your scores.

It is ideal for use by anyone from beginner bowlers to advanced bowlers. Its negligible reactivity to blacklights makes it suitable for cosmic bowling arenas. Furthermore, the weight block in it further boosts its balanced motion.

I also love this ball because it is easy to get used to if you do thumbless bowling. You add some drills, and you will be surprised with how it will improve your scores.

Once I learned how to throw this ball, pretty much everything else was smooth sailing. Its powerful pyramid-inspired shape means you won’t struggle that much as well. You’d need at least twenty games to be in your stride, though.

Although this ball has quite some weight, it isn’t as heavy as some other balls. That makes it one of the best options for amateurs and beginners. The even distribution of the weight means petty much anyone can easily use it.

Ideal for casual and experienced bowlers
Symmetric core gives it power and makes it easier to control
It has medium flare control making it an excellent option for dry lanes
It has little to no reactivity with blacklights
The polyester finish has a smooth polish that makes it stylish
Pancake core type makes the weight ideal for straight bawling
The cost of the bowling ball isn't high

Its coating isn’t that durable and needs resurfacing every few weeks of use

Buying Guide of Best Bowling Ball for two Finger

If you are looking for a thumbless bowling ball, then there are factors you need to look at if you want the best ball. Read on to find out.

Drill Pattern

Granted, you are a thumbless bowler; you will want a ball with a drilling pattern to your specifications. It is, therefore, a bad idea to get a predrilled ball since it might not fit you. The drilling will affect your bowling and might even cause you not to get used to the ball.

That is why you should buy the undrilled ball and have a professional drill it from you. The drilling pattern will play an important role in your thumbless bowling technique.

Cover Stock

The cover stock will influence the ball’s grip on the lane and the speed at which it moves. You, therefore, need to go for a ball with a grippy cover stock that won’t force you to work too hard.

Pearl is an excellent option if you tend to bowl without a thumb.


The core, like the cover stock, affects the speed at which the ball moves. It needs to be neither too powerful nor too weak door you to get the revving action you need. If you are learning to bow without a thumb, start with asymmetrical and pancake cores.

Such balls will make it easier for you to achieve an excellent entry angle and improve your scores significantly. Experienced players would be much more at home with asymmetrical cores, especially when they add a hook on it.


Before buying a thumbless bowling ball, you will have to consider its weight. The weight should be evenly distributed through the ball to achieve the ball’s rev and flight perfect enough for good scores.

While heavier balls would generate more power and thus be easier to use, they could have slow motion compared to the lighter ones. Therefore, choose a ball that has an ideal balance of weight.


The finish won’t affect the ball’s flight that much, but the ball could have trouble on some lanes if it is an aggressive polish. Some stylish finishes would attract you, but they affect the speed of the ball.

Lane Type

When buying a ball for thumbless bowling, it is good to know the type of lane you will be sung the ball on. Bowling balls are usually lane-specific, and getting the wrong one could end up losing your money.

Hooking Potential

While it needs the experience to use a hooked ball, you will still need to get one with impressive hooking potential. You never know when you will want to vary your game and start using a hooked ball.

Final Words

I hope I have helped you end your search for the Best Bowling Ball for No Thumb players. If you are new to bowling, the balls I have outlined here will enable you to transition easily from a leaner to a pro. You only have to give it a try.

No thumb bowling can be hard to pull off with the wrong ball, which is why I took the liberty of testing the ideal balls for you. Do try them out, and you won’t regret it.


Image From: WikkiHow