Best Urethane Bowling Balls Reviews

Are you a skilled bowler? Do you want to win?

If yes, then you’re probably in search of the best urethane bowling balls.

Albeit the new variations in the market, you still want to stick to your roots, which is great. But it’s also easily confusing. So, bear with me as I tell you precisely what you should get to take your gaming level to superior heights!

Urethane is said to have more potential due to its cover stock being more durable than plastic. It offers more friction between the ball and the surface; therefore, it has a higher chance of hitting your aim. On the other hand, plastic offers the least friction due to its smooth surface, with lesser hook potential and greater chances to deflect.

Best Urethane Bowling Balls Comparison Chart

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Top 5 Best Urethane Bowling Balls Reviews

1. Storm Pitch Black Urethane Bowling Ball Review

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  • Heavy hit potential.
  • Optimal control.
  • Smooth hook experience.
  • Great for dry & medium-dry lanes.
  • Value and performance minimize on oilier lanes.

Detail Review:

You will fall for this beauty if you’re a fan of dark tones. But wait, there’s more to this magnificence than just its color.

Any urethane bowling ball is judged to be accurate when its cover stock can work wonders in terms of urgent reactions and hit. With a capacitor to store core energy, this bowling ball will never miss your aim and raise the stakes with its irrevocable efficiency.

Want to know more? Well, what would a generic bowler like? Pinpoint control and hitter potential? You’ve hit the jackpot for that.

This urethane piece doesn’t only ace these specifications but will amaze you with its control and smooth hook tactics. With its perfect grip and friction in between the ball and the lane, this unit has been renowned as one of the best urethane bowling balls for dry lanes.

You’re here for the real deal, which screams potential, motion control, and entirely controlled hook, and aggressiveness on the ground. And this is honestly the product’s best part. It is going to reverse your mediocrity level.

But first a warning, this urethane bowling ball will not perform at its peak on oily lanes. As this piece heavily succumbs to friction, which results in its optimization, its value quivers on oily grounds.

Picture this – you and your friends are planning on a tournament on oily to medium-oily lanes. You take your trustee, go-to bowling ball only to have it scattering out of the lanes, never hitting your target. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

So, if you’re planning to take it on an oily ride – it will, unfortunately, downplay its potential.

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2. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball Review

[amazon box=”B00W20RVG2″ grid=”1″ rating=”” title=”Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball”]
  • Wear-resistant cover stock.
  • Straight spare ball option.
  • Easy hook.
  • Ideal for dry lanes.
  • Less potent on oily lanes.
  • Best for beginners.

Detail Review:

Are you trying out a new obsession? After all those streaming YouTube videos, your interests must have multiplied.

Well, I’m here to tell you why this piece works as the best urethane bowling balls for dry lanes if you’re a novice.

With a traditional 3-piece symmetric core and enhanced durable cover stock, nothing about its outlook is traditional. This piece is a great way to start your bowling journey. It lets you ease into the hype while maintaining superior specifications. Has high predictability, the strongest cover stock, and durability that no other can promise.

This ball is designed to hit your aim in the first strike, which makes it furthermore unique and different from the rest. Sure, you can get your hands on other bowling balls, but it makes a whole lot of difference when you’re at the initial stages of learning.

Why is this so?

Because the desired performance on all bowling balls is tough to accomplish. With this high-performing unit, the rest is really put to shame. May it be for recreation or straight-shooting; with this, you will never be frustrated.

What motivates beginners to keep going? The specifications and qualities? No! No! No!

Beginners know little to nothing about that. It’s the shots that attract them. And with this bowling ball, you will never be sorry about your new hobby.

But here’s the kicker, it’s not the best option for pro players. Since this is solely for beginners, pro players always want something more, which, sadly, it lacks.

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3. Roto Grip Hot Cell Urethane Bowling Ball Review

[amazon box=”B071K9DYY9″ grid=”1″ rating=”” title=”Roto Grip Hot Cell Urethane Bowling Ball”]
  • Aggressive due to the cover stock material.
  • High hook potential.
  • Advanced innovative technology.
  • Controllable and maintains high performance.
  • Hard to operate by beginners.
  • Overpriced compared to other units.

Detail Review:

Let’s dig right into the focal point. This piece is not for beginners. If you’re someone who had experience with bowling for a while and wants to try out a newer, upgraded technology – this roto grip urethane bowling balls amongst the rest will be your new favorite.

With its brand new hybrid urethane bowling ball advancement and nucleus core that stored up energy, why would you drain your money elsewhere?

It is not only one of the strongest pieces ever made but is also enriched with high hitting power and oomph. Want to know more? That’s what I thought. These technologies can easily be mimicked but never really hammers the spot, and there’s a reason why. Uniqueness and durability drip from this roto grip bowling ball. Honestly, just go and get this already.

But wait, there’s more. Its shape is asymmetric, which grips better due to friction. This results in consistent roll and motion with no swaying out of the lanes. This also effectively makes the ball more aggressive on the playground. If you’re a pro bowler, what are you looking for?

We all know the answer to that is punch and hit. And nobody absorbs this function better than the renowned roto grip urethane bowling ball. It’s as simple as good energy storage and apt output like no other bowling ball.

Now, I’m going to stop you right there. Because this dream is only applicable if you’re a pro bowler. A beginner will simply not be able to withstand its advancement. So, other than this side note, if you’re a pro bowler, you know what to do.

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4. Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball Review

[amazon box=”B077GT99K4″ grid=”1″ rating=”” title=”Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball”]
  • Asymmetric gas mask enables optimized energy.
  • Perfect pin impact.
  • Warranty
  • Durable
  • Not for beginners

Detail Review:

The marketplace is saturated with positive attributes circulating this urethane bowling ball. Due to its reputation, durability, and pinpoint control, it has created a well-deserved rave.

So, bear with me here as I tell you exactly why and how it has reached such potential.

If you’re a classic aesthetic lover, you will fall head over heels in love with this hammer urethane bowling ball. The exterior is rich black, inspired by another classic, the FaBall Hammer from the 1980s.

It has optimized levels of precision due to its black widow hook and consistency. As the leader, it is renowned for being ‘fatal’ in the lanes. But here’s the catch – it works wonders on medium-oily lanes too. Amazing, isn’t it?

With the perfect mix of gas mask core and urethane cover stock, this urethane bowling ball is also infused with carbon fiber. And as we know it, carbon fiber is one of the most robust materials known, so it goes without saying the height of damage and hostility it can pose when putting to action.

This unique technology is the reason for its oomph and strength on the lanes. What’s more? Well, it comes with an astonishing three years’ warranty. Only a few urethane bowling balls come with such gratification and trusted product performance. So, it says a lot about how confident the creator, themselves, are.

Let’s not forget, however, that this is another piece that is optimized to such levels for pro players. A beginner will simply not want this level of strength or aggressiveness.

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5. Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball Review

[amazon box=”B01M29VMM8″ grid=”1″ rating=”” title=”Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball”]
  • Smooth arc hook.
  • Back-end reaction.
  • Great pin hits.
  • Advanced urethane cover.
  • Back-end action not for beginners.
  • Less effective on dry lanes than other contemporaries.

Detail Review:

Consider this your go-to urethane bowling ball for light to medium oily lanes. The design was detailed by combining the old and newest technology. This was done in order to improve its length coverage. Another reason for such a blend is to minimize the level of aggressiveness when performing on dry lanes.

At this point, you can tell if you already love or hate this hammer urethane bowling ball. If you play for fun and leisurely, you’re probably not looking into its aggressive nature. However, if you’re a pro player, then this piece will lack that ‘boom’ you crave for.

Now, as that’s out of the way, stick with me while I tell you why this is one of the best urethane bowling balls.

High-edged performance is its key component as it can also be manipulated to cover and finish with proper lane control. Its attractive factor is its length coverage, as well. If the bowler is good at controlling their own speed while throwing, it can reach the desired length, hitting the bulls-eye.

The length control is also enhanced due to its cover stock but without being hostile. In terms of oil patterns, it performs best in shorter lengths. The design also resembles the light bulb shape with symmetrical distribution; in other words, this comprehends that the bowler will have less to no issue while controlling it.

But here’s the interesting part. This combined technology of old and new created a smoother arc than any other. And due to this specification, it has climbed its way to being one of the best urethane bowling balls for dry lanes. While it’s great for novices, a pro player doesn’t necessarily have to feel left out.

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Urethane Bowling Balls Buying Guide


The cheapest material ever used for bowling balls is plastic. While it may get the job done for novices, it really lacks the true bowler experience. The materials that saturate the market these days are urethane, particle, and reactive resin. Urethane balls create more friction, have softer cover stock, and will roll more with the greatest impact. Reactive resins are more versatile, with increased friction and strong hook action. Particle bowling balls are more recent with glass or ceramic infused cover stocks, more grip, power and hook potential.


There are a couple of cores utilized in bowling balls. Yet, any particular kind can’t be labeled as the best, as it also depends on if you’re a novice or professional. For example, a pancake core would work wonders for initial novice players who are still scanning the game’s zone. However, if you’re searching for alternative play styles, then you must be looking into asymmetric or symmetric cores. If you know how to deal with your bowling style, a core will give you a more alternative and advanced experience.

Hook Potential

There’s a lot of components that go into how much a ball can hook once tossed, also known as hook potential. More friction is equivalent to an increased hook. While less of it implies that the ball will go in a straighter line. Some bowling balls have recorded ‘high’ or ‘low’ hook measurements, whereas, others give off numerical values. Simply, it comes down to if you’re a beginner or a pro. Beginners usually want low hook potential and vice versa.

We covered a full article about hook potential bowling ball. You’d definitely love the article.

Hitting Potential

Try not to trick yourself with foul plays of urethane being superior to the reactive resin. The cutting edge urethane bowling balls have a similar hitting potential as the reactive resin. Older models were notorious for not hitting the pins hard enough, but the urethane’s advanced technology crash that.

Lane Condition

Urethane bowling balls are said to perform exceptionally in dry or medium oily lanes. It is due to greater control, hook potential, and angle. But again, it solely depends on where you like to play and if you’re a pro or beginner. But, as we’ve seen before, urethane bowling balls have something for everyone so, the real question is, why look elsewhere?


With time and more and more practice, you will understand your perfect drilling layout. You will need proper adjustments according to your fingers and span. You must also get your ball drilled if it isn’t already but take the measurements seriously while doing so. It will make or break your bowling experience.

Weight & Size

Weight and size preferences differ from one to the other. It solely depends on the player’s strength limits. While pro bowlers opt for heavier bowling balls, the scenario is reversed for novices. Heavier and bigger balls have more controlled motion and lighter ones sway more.

— Frequently Asked Questions —

What is a urethane bowling ball?

It’s a material out of which bowling balls are made. It is specifically created for the intermediate to advance bowlers on heavily oiled to dry lanes.

How to clean a urethane bowling ball?

Any good quality oil cleaner like, Hook-It can remove all the dirt and especially oil from the bowling balls. Cleaning it every once every couple of weeks will reserve its shine all the whilst cleaning it too.

What are urethane bowling balls good for?

Urethane balls provide a gradual, easy-to-control hook, which lacks sharpness and back-end violence. They create more friction than the rest, thus hook sooner as well.

What is the best urethane bowling balls?

The best urethane bowling ball has to be a roto grip urethane bowling ball because of its high potential and advanced technology.

Do urethane balls absorb oil?

Yes, they do. They need less to zero resurfacing and detoxification due to this specification.

Final Verdict

There you go. We have listed down some of the best urethane bowling balls for you to choose from. If you’ve read this far, you must’ve already made your mind and picked your best fit.

In the end, it all boils down to your bowling style and preferences, so spend your money wisely. Have a good game. Hope you get ‘hooked’ with winning!


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