strom nova bowling ball review

Are you looking for a perfect combination bowling ball with performance and greater outlook? Storm Nova bowling ball is the perfect solution for you. It has an asymmetrical core with superb coverstock. But what else does it offer? You need to review this storm nova bowling ball review to find out all the answers about this bowling ball. Also, I am going to give my verdict on whether it is for professionals or beginners and how to score better with this ball. 


The Storm is a company that has been making bowling balls for over 60 years. They make high-quality balls that are used by professional bowlers all over the world. The Storm Nova is a ball that was designed for medium to heavy oil. It is already a popular ball in the market for its ignition core and excellent outlook. The ball was released on 1/14/2022. 


Let’s see the storm nova bowling ball specs and get an idea about its technical terms. And for your information, these technical specifications define the performance and durability of a bowling ball. 

  • Weight Block: Ignition Core
  • Coverstock: R2X Hybrid Reactive
  • Factory Finish: 3000-grit Abralon
  • Color: Hot Pink, Lime, Jet Black
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Fragrance: Cherry Apple Slush
  • Weight: 12-16 lbs

If you are a pro bowler, you know how exciting storm nova specs are! And it performs similarly in a bowling lane, as shown in the specs. 

Storm Nova Bowling Ball Features

They packed this bowling ball with a lot of interesting features you need to know to decide whether or not it is a good ball for you. Before getting this ball, you should know about its features. 

Asymmetrical Core

The asymmetry of this ignition core helps to ensure better control of the ball. And that gives you a favor when you hold the ball. This Ignition core is the first internationally used asymmetrical core for a bowling ball. And that ends up by providing a favor to all the bowlers to perform better on the bowling lane. 

Hybrid Reactive Coverstock

Moreover, it has a hybrid reactive coverstock that has a smooth finish. So it assures better speed and accuracy in the bowling lane. Due to this coverstock, you can send it quickly and get better performance every time. 

High Flare Suits Oily Lane

But the prime reason for choosing this ball should be its performance on the oily lane. It goes further down on the oily lane to make sure you got the perfect shot based on your expectations. This high flare fits better for medium or high oily bowling lanes. 

Aggressive on Bowling Lane

Due to having the strong ignition core and hybrid reactive coverstock, it shows aggression on the bowling lane. You get better impacts while hitting the bowling pins. 

One Year Warranty

On top of that, it has a one-year warranty to ensure it is worth your money. If the ball has any defect during this period, you can return it to them to repair it. 

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Why Do Pro Bowlers Love This?

Storm Nova bowling ball is a premier-level ball that is perfect for pro bowlers. There are a few reasons to love this ball. 

Firstly it has a high flare that works best in the oily lane. And pro bowlers often get high oily lanes in the tournament. And it is most difficult to bowl straight in an oily lane. Fortunately, this ball provides better traction on the oily lane. Also, you get almost similar performance in a dry lane. That makes it versatile and the best choice for playing in a tournament. 

Also, this ball has superb power that requires less force to get the maximum on bowling pins. As a result, it is easy to score better. 

Above all, its coverstock is presented, and it does not need to sand very often. Also, the ignition core ensures perfect weight balanced in hand. 

Can a Beginner Bowler Play With This Ball?

Yes, a beginner bowler can play with the Storm Nova bowling ball. But if you are a novice, you have to be careful before choosing this bowl. It has a lower-weight version. I suggest you do get that ball. It would be a more controllable ball for any bowler, including a beginner. Also, you get better speed and aggression on the bowling bowl, which is better for scoring

Despite that, you may struggle due to its asymmetrical core. Keeping the ball in the bowling lane is not easy for a rookie player. 

So it would be better to avoid this ball at the very beginning stage. 

Things I Like About This Ball

  • High-quality coverstock that affects performance.
  • Shows incredible results in an oily lane.
  • Aggressive bowling impacts better. 
  • Finest design with proper weight balance.
  • Comes with a warranty.

Things I Don’t Like About This Ball

  • Not the best choice for a novice.
  • Early rolling is not always good for a perfect shot.

What do People say About Storm Nova Bowling Ball?

There are a lot of bowlers (count me too) saying good things about this bowling ball. Let’s see their opinion, which will help you to decide whether it is good for you or not. 

Contest winner Kris Aumiller said he used this ball for a league where he had a 193 average. According to Kris, this is a perfect ball, and this is what he needed for the league. 

Wayne Carter said this is the perfect ball for him. This is the first time he was able to hit over 300 with this ball. Also, its cherry apple slush smell gave him refreshment. 

Brett Wood said it is a perfect ball for an oily lane as well as a dry lane. And his performance got better after using this ball. And he wants to use it in his upcoming tournaments. 


So that was the storm nova bowling ball review. This is a strong and highly suitable ball for an oily lane from a pro bowler’s perspective. And its ignition core provides a better hook that ends up achieving a maximum score. Also, the weight balance is excellent for playing for a long time. Indeed I am recommending this ball to pro bowlers. But a rookie bowler can find it hard to score or bowl with it. So try with the lightest version of this ball to get better control, then increase the weight. 

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How do Storm bowling balls smell?

It smells like cherry apple slush. And that is good for refreshing your mind while you are bowling in a game.

Is the Storm Nova a good ball?

Yes, it is a good ball for a professional bowler. You can hit better with this ball. Also, it reads the oily lane better and has better traction on the lane. Yet it has a solid performance in the dry lane.

What kind of ball is the Storm Nova?

Storm nova is a premier line bowling ball. It is a better choice for medium and high oily lanes. And it has a lightweight core with an aesthetic look.

When did the Storm Nova come out?

Storm nova bowling ball release date was 1/14/2022. It is the newest edition ball from Storm.