what's a good bowling ball score

Striving for a good bowling score is what every bowler expects. Surely it is not possible to hit strike every time. That raises the question, what’s a good bowling score?

It is really hard to define what a good bowling score is. The pace of the game, the level of the opponent, and the place where you are playing together define what it should be.

If you’re keen on a good score, hang on. I’m going to tell you the secrets step by step how you can make it happen.

How The Score Is Counted In The Game Of Bowling Ball

The Bowling score is a bit complicated. However, all modern-day bowling games use electronic scorecards. Yet you should know how to count the score in a bowling game. 

Each bowling game consists of 10 frames. And you get two chances to throw the ball. Let’s get to the point. You get points by the number of bowling pins you hit in a throw. For example, if you hit 4 bowling pins in the first attempt and 3 pins in the second attempt, your first frame score is 7. 

But there are exceptions! And that is the main point of the game. You can score extras by hitting strikes or Spares.

If you hit ten bowling pins on your first attempt. That is called strike. If you hit a strike in a frame, you get 10 points + the numbers of pins knocked down in the next frame. 

For example, if you hit a strike in the first frame and knock down 5 and 4 in the second frame, your first frame score is 19. 

But, if you hit a strike for a row, scoring changes if you strike in a row two times; that is called double. And you strike three times in a row; that is called turkey, and four-baggers are for striking four times in a row. 

So for the double- you get 20 points + your score in the third frame for the first one. 

And you get 10 points + your score in the third frame for your second frame. 

And for the turkey, the first frame is 30, and the next two frames are similar, like hitting a double and strike. 

For four-baggers, you get 30 points each for the first two frames, and then the next frames are similar, like hitting a double and strike. 


That is called spares when you knock down all the balls in two attempts. And you get 10 points + the number of pins you knockdown in the first attempt of the next frame. 

That is the same as the score for nine frames out of 10. Frame 10 is special because you get no bonus for hitting strikes or spares. You get a bonus shot to score more, however.

Let’s See – What Is The Average Mathematical Score?

Let’s think a bit mathematically now. In the bowling game, you can score a maximum of 300 if you can keep knocking down ten balls per shot. If you have a stroke of bad luck, you might even score zero. However, Statistics say 77 is the average score, with a 3% probability. On the other hand, scoring 300 has a 0.01% probability.

So You Just Started – What Is The Average Score For A Beginner?

You usually have a basic understanding of bowling at this stage. So don’t expect to hit strikes and score big at the very beginning. If you are not a genius, you definitely miss knocking even a single bowling pin as you are new. Don’t be hopeless. Record says, a beginner’s typical score is 50-70. If you can score over 100 as a novice, you’re a good learner.

Are You A Pro? – Average Bowling Score By The Professionals

If you are playing in the top leagues and practicing bowling for a few years, you are a professional bowling player. 

Professional bowlers know how to throw the ball and also have better knowledge of the bowling lane. And by practicing day after day, they master this game. So, if you’re a league player and want to improve your score, target 220–240. However, the average bowling score for a local league player is 160–180. But in a tournament, you have to score an average of 220-260, while you need to score an average of 260-280 to win the tournament.

Keep in mind professional bowling lanes are not like house bowling lanes. Due to oil density and friction, it is more difficult to score on a tournament bowling lane. 

Know The average bowling score by age

The average bowling score also varies by age. A ten-year-old child, for example, cannot hit a strike and score more than the average person. So let me give you an idea of the average bowling score by age. 

Average Score Of Aging From 10 Years to 15 Years:

It is the beginning stage of bowling. So it starts by scoring an average of 80 points per game, and that increases day by day to the maximum of 150 for a 15-year-old. However, a ten-year-old player can target 90-110 per game. And a 15-year-old player can target an average of 180 points per game. 

Average Score Of Aging From 30 Years to 45 Years:

It is considered the pick time for a bowler. If you are playing bowling seriously, then you should consider yourself a professional player at this age. Therefore, according to your skill, your average score should be somewhere around 220-260. However, if you strive to win a tournament, it should be more than 250. 

Average Score Of Aging Above 45 Years:

Your body cannot give you the strength to hit better scores at this age. And it is time to prepare for your retirement. If you can hit an average 150 score after 45 years or older, it is considered a good score. And it is the time for playing bowling for fun and spending your leisure time. If you are lucky and your body can hold the strength, you are able to score an average of 200 at this age. 

An Overview Of Bowling Scores – Questions Asked Frequently

Bowling scores are meant to reflect your performance and playing level. Therefore, I will give you answers to a few questions that could be juggling.

Before giving the answers to the following questions, let me remind you it is not that I determined these answers. According to various research and tournaments, it is based on the average performance and score. 

Is 100 A Good Bowling Score?

It is a good bowling score for 10-12 years old boys, not for an adult. 

Is 150 A Good Bowling Score?

If you are at the last stage of a teen, then 150 is a good bowling score. And indeed, it is not a good bowling score for professional players. 

Is 160 A Good Bowling Score?

For a beginner, it is a good bowling score, and you have the potential to do better in the future. 

Is 170 A Good Bowling Score?

It is considered a good bowling score for local league players. 

Is 190 A Good Bowling Score?

Yes, it is a good bowling score for a professional bowler. However, it is not the best performance. 

The Reason Why 292 Is The Rarest Score In Bowling?

The calculation of scoring 292 is pretty hard. You have to strike 11 times to achieve this score. Yet you have to score 1 and 10  in the final frame. And that is seemingly impossible and rarely occurs. 

The Highest Score You Can Obtain Without Hitting a Strike In Bowling Ball

Without hitting a strike, you can score a maximum of 190 in bowling. To do that, you have to hit spares every time. Therefore you get 19 in every frame, which is a total of 190 after finishing ten frames. 

What is the average bowling score for Men?

It depends on playing levels. But for men, you can expect 160-220 and consider that is a good average score for bowling. However, professionals who play in international tournaments can score more than this. 

What is the average bowling score for Women?   

Due to some limitations, women can not score similarly to men. However, there are some cases where women can do better than men. Whatever it is, 150-200 is the average bowling score for women. 

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These Factors Can Affect Your Bowling Scores

You have all the skills that are required to hit the strike, yet the following factors can affect your bowling scores. 

  • Physical And Emotional Conditions

If you somehow get distracted and have any injury, there is a chance to score less than your average bowling score. 

  • Choosing The Right Ball

According to your weight and comfort, you have to choose the right ball to score better; otherwise, you can be surprised by your performance. 

  • A Short Warm-up to Start

Before starting bowling, make sure your body is warmed up and functioning well. Increase  your  blood circulation and make yourself ready before bowling so that you can hit better

Approach Race

Obviously, if your run-up is average, you can even miss the shot. 


So that was all about a good bowling score. It depends on your performance; a beginner player can expect 100 as a good score, while an average pro-bowler score somewhere between 220- 260. 

And if you are just starting to play, then never lose your hope, follow all the rules, pick the right ball, and practice more and more. Gradually you will be able to hit better scores like a pro.