can you bowl with acrylic nails

A key factor in bowling is how well you’ve put fingers in the holes of the bowling ball. Suppose, you are putting your fingers lightly inside the hole, what’d happen? The throw would be less pacey and the ball might even slip from your hand. 

So, you need to firmly place your three fingers inside the drilled holes; neither too tight nor too loose. But it becomes pretty hard for bowlers when they’ve newly painted nails or artificial long nails on their fingers. 

Now, how can you bowl with acrylic nails without damaging the new paint? Though it’s possible to play a few rounds with natural or artificial long nails, most of the players don’t know how to do so. There are some effective ways you can follow to protect your nails while engaging in an intense bowling match. Therefore, let’s put our focus on those methods and some related matters to answer the question. 

Can You Go Bowling With Acrylic Nails?

Why not? Obviously, you can bowl while having long acrylic long nails. Not only that, bowling with painted nails doesn’t even hamper your natural way of playing the game. 

There’s a common hoax that longer nails can slow your throw or you might fail to spin. Actually, nail paints, size, and other similar stuff don’t matter at all. If you can bowl with normal nails, you’d surely do the same with painted artificial nails. 

Actually, the main issue with bowlers having painted long nails is that the fingers inside the hole inserts can get hurt because of a bad posture or pressure distribution. Even if the nails aren’t painted, the same issue can happen occasionally. 

Furthermore, fake nails or painted short nails can also get damaged or lose their actual shape when you put your fingers through tight inserts. But taking a little number of safety measurements for fingers can resolve most issues. 

Is It Really Possible To Ball As A Pro With Your Acrylic Nails?

There are tons of pro bowlers who keep their long nails painted as a part of their hobbies or fashion sense. Get this thing straight, you can be a professional in this game, and you can also keep long stylish nails for a good look. 

The main thing here is practice. The more you practice with acrylic nails, the less you feel uncomfortable. 

At first, maintaining long painted nails in games can be a bit troublesome. You might ask yourself again and again whether can you go with long nails or not. But after some successful throws and rounds, you’d surely gain the confidence of bowling with ease. 

Which Bowling Techniques Should You Consider While Bowling With Acrylic Nails?

You may have your own preferences in picking a regular bowling style. But your preferred stance can do something bad to your favorite polished nails. That’s why the safe play is to adopt a style that can be effective with any size of nails. 

So then, how to bowl with long nails? The best technique is to learn Granny-style bowling for safeguarding nails and fingers. Granny roll is a bit odd technique. It is mostly suggested for kids who have recently started learning bowling. 

The benefits of the granny bowling style are easy to throw, less movement of hands, etc. Because of this, fingertips get less stressed while bowling with this style. Here’s a short instruction on how to bowl with Granny style

  • Step 1: First of all, count the steps you need to throw a ball
  • Step 2: Next, use bowling tapes, covers, or anything you need on your fingertips and hold the bowling ball with both hands. 
  • Step 3: Now, slowly go towards the foul line. Increase your speed gradually. 
  • Step 4: When you’re near the foul line, bend a little and widen your legs. While doing so, try to bring the bowling ball between your knees. 
  • Step 5: After that, stop right behind the foul line and spread your legs wider. With your two hands, swing the bowling ball forward and backward like a pendulum for getting enough momentum. 
  • Step 6: When you think it’s the right time, release the ball from a low height without any rush. 

It’s easy to understand and master this style. But even the slightest mistake in body movement can give you muscle pain. For example, if you stretch your legs too much and bend your head more than needed, you can have a muscle sprain in your waist. Therefore, you need to be careful and practice enough the method before applying it to professional arenas. 

Problems You Might Face During Bowling With Long Nails

Obviously, there are some problems you can face if you have long nails on your fingers. A common problem is that nails get broken when you put some extra pressure on your fingers. Apart from that, broken nails can hurt your fingers too, and it might keep you away from bowling for a few days. 

At this stage of our discussion let’s talk about the possible difficulties bowlers can face with long fashionable nails. 

Getting The Nails Chaffed

When nails get enormously rubbed by the rubber inserts of the holes, paint coats can get worn out. This problem happens when the paint coat is thin or very old. You should put something over your nails to keep acrylic nail paints safe. But sometimes, protection can’t also avoid nail chaffing. 

Nails Breaking due to Finger Holes

Tight finger holes can be a bad thing sometimes. If you forcefully try to insert your fingers inside smaller holes, they might go inside somehow. But when bringing out the fingers, fake nails can get detached from natural nails and stay inside. 

Not only that, but natural large nails can also break when small holes pressurize fingertips. Ultimately, you must use bowling balls with larger drilled holes. Otherwise, you’d feel the same issue every now and then. 

Injuries on the fingers

If bowling with long nails is new to you, there’s a possibility that you might get hurt pretty badly. Broken or torn nails can cause lots of bleeding. Even if you get a slight crack on a nail, it’d make the whole finger painful, and you won’t be able to put pressure on that finger. 

All these happen when you forcefully insert fingers with longer nails or ignore the fact that you aren’t able to balance the weight of bowling balls when nails aren’t short. 

Safety Measures You Should Take While Bowling With Acrylic Nails

It’s pretty clear that bowling with long acrylic nails isn’t something impossible. Yet, there are some risk factors while doing so. You could get injured or score less than before in professional rounds. Hence, a player should be cautious in a few matters before the game. 

Check for Cracks Before You Go Bowling

Longer nails easily get cracks and marks. If you see one, don’t ignore it. The crack might get big enough to break or tear a whole nail into two. Broken nails are very painful and the suffering lasts more than a week. That’s why avoid going bowling if any nail has a crack or unusual mark. 

Use Ethyl Methacrylate

To attach acrylic nails to fingers, using Ethyl methacrylate is the best option. Ethyl Methacrylate or EMA is the latest and safest substitute for MMA. 

The acrylic monomer helps the acrylic layers to perfectly fit on natural nails without any severe side effects. Though EMA costs more than MMA, don’t go for MMA. Methyl Methacrylate has caused sore fingers, damaged nails, and even miscarriage. 

Get Regular Nail Refills

It’s common to find gaps between fake and real nails. When natural nails grow day by day, they change their size and shape. For this, acrylic ones can’t fit perfectly and gaps get created. 

Every once in 20-24 days, close the gaps using nail refills before a game. Otherwise, dirt and bacteria can cause infection. 

Fingertip Bandages

Fingertip bandages can bring firmness to fingers to hold and grip something. You may use them to generate more power and preciseness in throws. These bandages also work as an extra binding for acrylic nails on fingertips. However, if you can’t find this type of bandage, use two of the regular ones to make a butterfly-like shape.

Covering Fake Nails with Nail Protectors

You might’ve heard of nail protector sets being used for cooks in the kitchen works. Yes, they can also help to protect your precious artificial nails during bowling games. A set of five or ten can be found in the local market. Using them can be a permanent solution in bowling. 

Applying Bowling Tape

Bowling tapes are mainly for filling the gaps between fingers and holes on the bowling ball. But they can also come in handy for some extra gripping and protection. Quality bowling tapes aren’t too expensive. You can use them whenever needed. 

Putting on Finger Cots

If there’s any possibility of acrylic nails coming out by using bowling tapes or bandages, why not use finger cots? Finger cots don’t have glue or any sticky layer to hold your fingers. They are soft, yet supportive enough to safeguard your fingers. 

Don’t Over File Nail Bed

Nail beds are very sensitive areas. They contain blood vessels and nerves. You shouldn’t overdo the nail bed file even if it’s for strongly attaching the artificial nails. 

These Things Can Stop From Breaking Your Nails When Bowling

Real nails can get damaged even when someone takes all the required safety measurements before or during a bowling match. Lack of nutrition, less maintenance, etc. can develop improper nail outlooks. Now, we should talk about the facts to follow for keeping nails in a good state. 

Use Oil

One must put their fingers into beauty oils like coconut or jojoba oil for a while every weekend for better nail growth. 

Rubber Gloves

Whether the nails are fake or real, you’ve to use rubber gloves before soaking your hands with chemicals, grease, or anything with heavy particles. 

Biotin Supplements

The best cure for brittle nails is biotin supplements. Taking 2.5 mg of biotin can make nails stronger, smoother, and thicker. 

Multivitamin With Mineral Supplements

Multivitamin supports your body in growing plenty amount of healthy cells. And minerals provide strength. You can add spinach, fruits, lemons, and other sore items to get vitamins and minerals. 

Use Gloves When Washing Dishes Or Using Cleaning Products

Detergents and dishwashing soaps aren’t good for skin, hair, and nails. Before washing clothes or dishes, make sure you are wearing a pair of thick gloves. 

Good Diet And Hydration To Keep Fit

No matter what type of improvement a person seeks in the body, assuring a good diet daily is a must. And especially for having healthy nails, drink at least 2 L of water daily. Remember, dehydration and lack of nutrition cause faded and weaker nails.


Now, if we ask you, can you go bowling with long nails? What’d you answer? You’d surely say that bowling with long or fake nails is easily possible. 

From the very beginning of our today’s discussion, we’ve tried to state that nail condition doesn’t put any bad impact on your game unless you don’t know how to adapt the game with larger nails on your fingertips. That’s why we’ve also mentioned the right bowling action to follow for keeping acrylic nails safe. 

And most importantly, there’s a part in the discussion where the methods are clearly described for your nails’ proper maintenance. Therefore, we think that’s all you need to know about bowling with acrylic large nails on your hands. Hope you understand whatever is said here and enjoy bowling.