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Being well skilled in a game paves the way to success. But, do you know it is possible to lose even as an expert in bowling? I bet by now you are wondering how possible that is. Just stick with me I will disclose the multi-dollar secret soon. The situation has left most people blaming luck and the rest, thinking they are still novices.

Winning is not about the skills, but a significant percentage is determined by the equipment you are using. If you are an expert, by now you would be nodding your head. As a woman, even things may get more stringent. Constant losses are likely to affect your self-esteem or, worse, negate your persistence, perseverance, and every little effort.

I hope that is not the way you want to head, right? If so, read this article. It will give the most top-rated balls for women. Further, it provides a detailed and professional-rated buyers guide.

Can’t wait to know what are the best bowling balls for women? Here we go…

Our Selected 4 Best Women’s Bowling Balls Reviews

This ball will be handy in transiting from a beginner to an expert in the shortest time possible. It has a negligible hook potential hence almost a straight ball. What makes it every woman ball is its finish.

The glossy surface that has beautifully decorated patterns makes it quite eye-appealing.  The cover stock of this ball is of a plastic material. Consequently, it is less aggressive to help you in learning new skills.

As if that skillful construction is not enough, the inner core crafting is also taken to a better level. The core is of long-living material and is also strategically positioned to make it easy when drilling the finger holes.  By now, you have got all reasons why you should purchase this ball.

But, let’s go on to wipe away any doubt that may try creeping in. Imagine getting a ball that will allow the most extensive range of motions, a ball of perfect weight for every woman. If you are wondering which ball is that, then it is the Tzone bowling ball.

If you were, to be honest with me, you could attest that getting a well-performing product at an affordable price is not a smooth sail in the boot. Is that true? Prices tend to increase as the functionality increases. Luckily this recommendable ball for every woman bowler brings a new taste to the market. As I said earlier, you can attest that it is the performance is at a peak level. Now to this women's bowling ball's price, it is significantly lower compared to other balls of its league.



It is available in multiple colors
The plastic cover stock is not only durable but also works for dry lanes
It has a glossy finish which makes it eye appealing


Does not work on wet lanes

Highly Recommended

Pyramid manufacturers earn worldwide respect due to the brilliant constructions in their products. When it comes to this bowling ball from these remarkable manufacturers, things remain the same. It is a good definition of versatility and durability. Let me provide a shred of evidence now to prove my point.

To start is the inner core of this ball. It is of era 139 version; hence you got an assurance of its durability. Besides, due to the positioning of the core, you got a variety of drilling options. Some of the drilling designs include strong backend drills and hook-hard drills.

Let’s now look at the cover stock construction, which is likely to impress you.  I hope you know its significance in a ball. It does determine not only the ball’s aggressiveness but also the type of lanes that can work on.

The cover stock of this bowling ball for every woman is of reactive pearl material. Can you guess what that means?  It implies that it can work and both dry lanes and also slightly wet lanes. Therefore, it has versatile construction.



It has minimal hook potential. Therefore, it can be perfect on the novice days and later a spare ball for training
It has a mid-size weight hence quite versatile
The era139 core of this ball provides a variety of drilling options


This ball is not blacklight responsive

Top Pick

The level of versatility of this ball makes most people wonder if it is a real plastic ball.  Having a plastic cover stock, you could guess that this ball will work for dry lanes only. Is it true?

However, this ball breaks the norm by working excellently also in the slightly wet lanes.  Its versatility does not end there. Due to its almost mid-size feature, this ball is quite a perfect gift for growing kids.

Additionally, this ball has no hook potential. If you are an expert, that might be a disappointment, but trust me, it is not. Being a straight ball, it will allow you to learn a variety of target-hitting tricks.

Consequently, it will increase your chances of scoring a strike. However, if you are an amateur, you got the right training ball. Unlike most of the balls in the market, this ball has quite smooth controls.

Now let’s check if this ball will last for ages. Your guess was right! Such a skillful construction cannot disappoint. Its construction material is quite sturdy and brilliantly crafted to ensure it will take forever before wasting. Further due t its crafting, this ball provides the firmest grip, which is what every bowler needs.


It allows versatility in lane conditions
Its controls are quite effortless due to the lack of hook potential
Mid-size ball hence it is likely to accommodate more users


It has limited drilling options

Additionally, this is another bowling ball for women that you can consider due to its extreme level of aggressiveness. Its cover stock is of reactive pearl material. Thus it has a fast speed until it meets the target. Also, getting a ball that will work on multiple lanes is an added advantage. The reactive pearl of this elegant ball works on various lanes conditions.

For beginners, it is advisable to take a straight ball. It will indeed offer the most intense training, but more importantly, it will help you target hitting tricks. Likewise, for a professional, a straight ball allows you to learn a variety of tricks. Consequently, it will improve your chances of winning. This is the type of ball that I have described. It has no hooking capabilities, reducing its chances of skidding.

Nevertheless, the finish of this ball makes it stand out. It has a highly polished surface that incorporates inverted technology. Similarly, the construction of the core makes everything a smooth sail. First, it allows a variety of drilling options. Further, it has long-living crafting.


A straight ball thus fantastic for learning a variety of winning skills
It allows a variety of drilling options
Elegant polishing of 1500-grit which males eye-appealing


It does not have a hook potential thus not for a competition


Bowling Balls for Women – Buying Guide

Playing Style

Unlike most types of sports, bowling games can be played in multiple styles. Probably that is what qualifies it to be the most played game. As a result, the bowling ball’s constructions keep on varying. That brings a risk of purchasing the wrong ball. However, that should not be the case, for I will help you choose the ideal ball. The main types of bowling games are target bowling, pin bowling, and open bowling.

Open bowling is the most flexible, which is played mainly for leisure purposes. Consequently, their appropriate balls have no restrictions. However, for pin bowling, things change. This variation uses pins as their targets. The bowlers should hit as many pins as possible. Thus, this type of ball should have excellent hooking potential.

When it comes to target bowling, the bowlers identify a slot and try throwing the ball closer or to the slot. Hence, the target bowling ball should promise a high level of aggressiveness. However, if you can find balls that will work for all styles, it is the best.

Cover Stock

Cover stock is the most critical part of a bowling ball. It does not only affect the efficiency of the ball but, to a significant degree, also the hook potential.  It is the ball’s work to dive through the wet lanes and provide sufficient friction for skidding.

Nonetheless, it most provides a high level of aggressiveness, and against all the odds, guarantees durability. By now, it dawns on you how relevant the construction of the cover stock is.

The construction materials of cover stock keep on varying to accommodate a variety of lane conditi0ns. First is the plastic cover stock, which works on dry lanes but also quite aggressive. Also, there is the reactive pearl construction. This type is the most dynamic and may work for both the wet and dry lanes.

Lastly, there is the cover stock made of urethane.  They perform excellently on both dry and wet lanes and promise a high level of durability.

Now, which is the best type of cover stock for women bowling balls? This is a regular question for everyone who values excellence. However, to be honest, all the performance of cover stocks will be determined by your expectations.

If you need a wide range of motions on lanes, then the reactive is the best. However, if you value aggressiveness more, then urethane will meet your expectations.

Inner Core

Most people overlook the importance of the inner core. Consequently, they always end up with limited drilling options, amongst other many disappointments.  The crafting of inner cores has a varying number of pieces, shapes, and densities.

Cores with a higher density close to the center tend to roll faster and a lower hook potential in comparison when it has the greater mass far from the center. Can you guess what that means? It merely implies the positioning of the mass affects the motion of the ball and its skidding capabilities.

Also, according to the positioning of the cores, there are symmetrical and asymmetrical cores. The latter has an unequal distribution of weight. Consequently, t is recommendable to bowlers who are struggling to get the right number of revolutions. Nonetheless, none is better than the other.


Do you know the most significant mistake you can ever make as a bowler? Here it is, getting the wrong weight for your ball will not only strains your hands but also keep you losing. Probably you are wondering what weight bowling ball a woman should use. Just relax, I will keep my promise and guide you.

Bowling ball weights range from 6lbs to 16lbs. Ideally, the weight of the ball should be at least 10% of your body. However, the arithmetic will not work for anyone beyond 160lbs. Also, heavyweight balls have trouble controlling. Did I leave you in a dilemma? Just stick, I will be unfolding more.

For beginners, it is advisable to use a light ball. It helps to have control of the ball speed and also backend reactions. As you advance in your skills, you can increase the weight of your ball. However, for an already expert in this game, you can use the most massive available ball.

Lane Condition

The standard lanes conditions for bowling are dry, medium wet, and heavy wet lanes. An example of a wet lane is the oily lanes. Sincerely, some of the balls will work on a single type of lane condition, while others may work for any lane condition.

The critical determinant is the outer casing of the ball, which is also known as the cover stock. A plastic casing will work for only dry conditions, while a reactive pear will work for both conditions.

We covered a full article about bowling ball for dry lanes, and these will help your game on medium to dry lanes.


Pricing of products keeps most people worrying, especially if you are working on a fixed budget. Nonetheless, it pains to pay hugely for an item and still fail to meet your expectations. If there were the perfect price of a bowling ball, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you.

Unfortunately, that does not exist. However, I will help you to balance affordability and performance. That sounds exciting, right?

Let me get hands-on now. To get the best pricing for your item, you should first list all the must-have features. This list should include every detail that you are not ready to compromise. Later have a list of the could-have list. The later list contains details of the features that can be compromised in your product.

Now you can try comparing the variety of items at your disposal against the two lists. Get the cheapest item that contains all the must-haves and some of the could-have features.


Having a poorly constructed bowling bowl is a guarantee for failure. Are you ready to waste your precious time? Are you set to keep on failing in your favorite game? I guess no.

Then here is what you should do; you should have the best starter ball. I wouldn’t sugarcoat you to say that getting one is easy, but I can give you the way forward. This article contains the best bowling balls for women.

It discusses its specifications to help you get the most excellent ball. A step further, it gives well-detailed buyers guide on critical factors that you should consider. If you want to rise the ladder in ball bowling as a woman, then ensure that you read it.


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