Best Bowling Ball For Low Rev Bowlers

There is no doubt that you have many ways to improve your comprehensive throwing speed. For this, you will need more friction and traction between the ball and lane. You will also need sharp and robust hooking skills.

A lower rev rate creates less friction and traction between the ball and lane. Lower rev will produce a lower hook potential. If your RPM is 200 or less, you are a low rev bowler. 

Don’t worry, and modern bowling ball technology has advanced enough by a breakthrough at the level where some good bowling balls are doing better leg work for the low rev players. 

You still can play like a pro with the blessing of modern technology. Many companies are making fantastic balls for low rev players nowadays. Let’s talk about them.

Here Are The 3 Best Bowling Ball For Slow Speed Bowlers

Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball
Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball
  • Product Brand: Brunswick
  • Product Type: Sporting Items
  • Package Dimensions: 9.25 x 8.75 x 8.5 inches; 8 Pounds
  • Product Weight: 3.924 kilograms
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Dry
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Storm Hy Road x Bowling Ball
Storm Hy Road x Bowling Ball
  • Product Brand: Rapala
  • Product Type: Sporting Items
  • Cover Stock: R2X Solid Reactive Cover
  • Package Dimensions: 9 x 8.75 x 8.5 inches; 15 Pounds
  • Finish: 1500 grit Polish
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium
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Storm Ice Blue/White
Storm Ice Blue/White
  • Product Brand: Storm
  • Color: Blue/White
  • Product Type: Sporting Items  
  • Core: Traditional 3-Piece Core
  • Cover Stock: Pearl Polyester
  • Finish: 3500 grit Polished
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Any
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Pyramid Curse Bowling Ball
Pyramid Curse Bowling Ball
  • Product Brand: Pyramid
  • Color: Midnight Black Solid  
  • Product Type: Sporting Items  
  • Perfect Scale: 211.5
  • Core Type: Pancake, Symmetric, and Asymmetric
  • Cover Stock: Polyester, Pearl Reactive, Urethane, and Solid Reactive
  • Finish: 2000 Abralon/Factory polished
  • Recommended Cleaner: Monster Foam 
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If you are a beginner or low rev player at bowling, it’s a good choice. Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball will help you to adjust your style as you progress in bowling. This ball has excellent control of drilling for smooth on short oil. You will get a great experience of hooking results than any plastic ball compares to Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball.


Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball can drill quickly for the smooth hook on more minor oily lanes.  
It's easy to control.
You can play in dry and medium oily lanes and conditions. 
The price is agreeable with the best quality. 
Those are slow bowlers and want their rev up quickly on shorter and oily patterns; it is the best choice.


Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball is not good enough to play in the heavy oil lanes or conditions. 
This ball may get submerged and gummed up too much playing in the oily lanes. That may cause losing its reactivity and power. 

Strom Hy Road is one of the best hybrid reactive balls in the markets for dry lanes. Storm Hy Road bowling ball owns an excellent design for the modern game and conditions.

Its 1500 GFT polished finished, and R2X solid Reactive cover stock has given more core. It also offers both power and reaction together. You can easily adjust this ball for your lane breakdown though you throw the ball at lesser speeds.

Every bowling ball player wants to carry all the pins in a single throw. Unless you are professional, it is a bit hard job. Strom Hy Road is a perfect ball than any other storm ball ever we have played. It gives a beautiful hook when it reaches the right point.


Putting little force, you will get lots of pins.
This is an extremely versatile ball for medium oil conditions.
Its strong coverstock can tackle in the oily lanes with minimum efficacy lost.
R2X solid reactive coverstock will help to get more friction while rolling down the lane.
Affordable price with the best quality.


Too much oiliest surface may burn out its coverstock. 
It does require more maintenance and upkeep. 

It is featuring a traditional 3-piece core with a polyester coverstock. The smooth finishing of this will give a perfect spare bowling ball that hits the lane with extra power and apparent accuracy. Its polyester coverstock ensures durability that other materials can’t offer. 

You will be able to down the lane with minima movement with the 3500 grit polished icy blue/white bowling ball. The icy blue/white is one of the great-looking balls as well. It is one of the best spare balls ever we tested. 


It comes with a traditional 3-piece core design.
Its regular weight will give you a more robust finish. 
Its 3500-grit polish will help skids down the lane with less force. 
The controllable backlash is the best side of this ball. 
It doesn’t hook the back end. That’s why it works well for the corner pins. 
Icy blue/white is one of the best spare balls for now in the market comes with perfect looking.


If you have too much expectation for spare shots, it may not impress you like professionals. 
Pretty expensive than any other polyester coverstock bowling ball.

If you want good length and a robust and consistent move with the best drive to the pins, the Pyramid Curse bowling ball is perfect for you. Its 2000 grit abralon/factory polished has given an ideal backend reaction. Different coverstock pyramid curses bowling balls are available in the market, like polyester, pearl reactive, urethane, and solid reactive. It is one of the perfect balls that we love to throw straight with a bit of curve. The Pyramid Curse bowling ball is durable and easy to clean. 


The Pyramid Curse bowling ball has different types of core and coverstock. So you have many choices to pick a suitable one. 
✓ Pyramid bowling ball perfectly reads the mid-lane and strikes the other end with perfect heed and flexibility.
ATX solid coverstock makes it a strong coverstock. 
2000 Abralon/Factory polished finishing makes it a highly functional core ball that offers a deadly view of dislodged pins through the most aggressive backend reaction.


Pearl Reactive ball is a bit weak, may not satisfy you.
There is no flare with this ball. 

Low Rev Bowling Ball Buying Guide

1. Weight 

Picking a suitable weight means you choose a ball that you can control.  

Weight is one of the significant facts for the low rev bowlers. Low rev bowlers usually can’t control heavy balls. 

The average bowling ball weight is 14-16 pounds. But quiet rev blower likes to play with the bit lighter ball. Sometimes your physique may not help you to play with the heavier balls. 

Not everyone indeed likes lightweight balls. That’s why we have listed 4 to 16 pounds balls. Whatever gives you more comfort, you may pick that types of balls. 

2. Lane conditions

There are different types of lanes and balls in the market. All the balls don’t have the same rolling power in all kinds of lanes. Some balls are good at dry lanes, and some for-oil ones. 

But the main things are balls must be rolled in the lanes as bowling ball companies promised. 

We have tested many balls in different lanes. In some cases, we found some balls have similar results on all lane conditions. Low flare balls are best for dry lanes; medium flare balls may play in both dry and oily lanes. 

Most of the low rev bowlers love to play with the hardcover stock with minimum weight. These types of the ball have good traction for the oily lanes. 

To play in the dry lanes, you need more power and strength. So, low rev bowlers want to skip dry lanes rather than oily lanes. 

3. Costing 

Most of the low rev bowlers don’t want to spend much money on the balls. Of course, there are some differences in this thought. Sometimes it is critical to decide on how to find out best for the low rev bowlers. We have listed four balls that are reasonable as they promised about the quality and service. 

We do believe their price is reasonable for the performance they provide. Of course, if you have a better suggestion, don’t hesitate on the comments box. 

4. Finishing 

Finishing is one of the crucial factors for the ball’s durability. When you want to buy balls, some questions may arise. How good is the ball in withstanding scratches? Will it stay as good as new after playing some days or rounds together? These off factors depend on the finishing of the ball. 

Good quality of materials is responsible for the better finishing of the balls. Plastic bowling balls are the standard choice for their reasonable price, light design, and ability to deliver straight shots. 

All the balls can’t take heavy drops on the lane. Some balls scratch too fast while others crack on the cover stock.  

Those bowlers like to play in the dry lane conditions. They choose reactive coverstock balls. Reactive coverstock balls are designed for the low rev bowlers to play in the dry lanes. Reactive balls are a bit expensive than plastic balls but affordable.   

5. Hole & Core Design 

Finger holes are also another essential factor to look into for novice and low rev bowlers. Not all the balls come with pre-drilled holes. It would help if you took a drill that is fit for you with the custom holes.  

The ball’s rolling strength depends on its core design. Lightweight core balls have less traction, so; it is a bit tricky to control. But heavy cores that feel easy to maintain. 

Frequently Asked Question

  • How do I know if my bowling ball is too heavy?

First of all, put the bowling ball in the palm of your bowling hand. If you can hold it comfortably, if your arm doesn’t shake 10-15 seconds, then it is not too heavy for you. If your arms shake, you might go down some pounds.

  • What is the Rev rate?

Rev rate is the number of revolutions that a bowler passes on the ball. Bowler’s revolutions standard unit is RPM. RPM means revolutions per minute. How many times a bowling ball makes a full rotation in one minute is determined by RPM. In short, the rev rate is a revolution per minute. 

  • How do you calculate the Rev rate?

Before you calculate your rev rate, you have to check how many revolutions your bowling ball makes while heading towards the pins. Then how need to check how long did it take to hit the pins from your hand. 

The central part is the ball revolution. You will need a video camera to capture the entire ball’s motion down the lane. There are some smartphone apps nowadays to record the shot and calculate the Revolution.   

 We will need to stripe a tape on the ball from your finger hole to your axis point for capturing and counting the rotation. After that, we need to count how many times the ball rotates down the lane to the pins. 

Now multiple your Revolution with how many times it rotated down the lane to the pins.   

Rev Rate = Revolution (RPM) X Rotations Following the equation, you may get your rev rate quickly.  

  • What is the average rev rate in bowling?

The average ret rate is not exact. It continuously varies. But 400 rev rates are average for professional bowlers. For beginners, 200 rev rates are moderate.

  • How can I increase my bowling power?

To increase your bowling power, you need to keep your arms, shoulders, and leg strength. Practice 2 sets of ten swings in a week. Increase your sets gradually. Your associate, shoulders, and leg will get stronger. Add more sets and reps and perform at the movement. And of course, practice and practice more.

Final Words

So, you already know many things about the low rev bowlers. It’s not as a disadvantage as many of you believe. 

Here is the checklist. What types of rev bowler are you? 

  • Low Rev Bowler: 200 RPM or Less
  • Medium-Low Rev Bowler: 200-300 RPM
  • Medium Rev Bowler: 300-400 RPM
  • Medium High: 400-500 RPM
  • High Rev Bowler: 500-600 Or More RPM

Slow rev bowling is not the obstacle to the success of your shot though it might not have an advantage. As long as you select a perfect ball, the correct delivery, and proper technique, low rev bowlers may play like a professional player and be the best in the sports. 

We have tried to add some perfect balls for low rev bowlers to our bowling list. That might give you the ideal best bowling ball right away at an affordable price. The rest of the critical decisions you will make yourself.