Best Bowling Ball for Wood Lanes

Wood lanes are a bit softer than synthetic lanes. We get more dig and footprint into the wood lanes, which is quite impossible in synthetic lanes. 

The more dig and footprint help us to get more friction. The wood lanes have a softer finish that imparts the ball bulk. There is a word that the more friction, the more hook. You don’t need to struggle a lot to get an excellent hook in the wood lanes.      

That is one of the biggest reasons bowlers love to play in the wooden lanes. So, let’s talk about the three best bowling balls that are perfect for the wood lanes with the best price, coverstock materials, lower flare potential, and best durability.

List of 3 Best Bowling Ball for Wood Lanes

Best Bowling Ball for Wood Lanes
Best Bowling Ball for Wood Lanes
  • Coverstock: Polyester  
  • Coe Type: Asymmetrical
  • Color: Red/ Yellow Hybrid
  • Finishing: High-Gloss Polished  
  • Recommended Lane: Wood Lane
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Hammer Black Widow
Hammer Black Widow
  • Coverstock: Hybrid Aggression
  • Cover: Gas Mask
  • Core Type: Asymmetric
  • Color: Black/Gold
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Storm Ice Blue/White
Storm Ice Blue/White
  • Color: Blue/White
  • Product Type: Sporting Items  
  • Core: Traditional 3-Piece Core
  • Cover Stock: Pearl Polyester
  • Finish: 3500 grit Polished
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Product specifications:
→ Product Brand: DVD
→ Product Type: Sporting Items
Coverstock: Polyester  
Coe Type: Asymmetrical
Color: Red/ Yellow Hybrid
Finishing: High-Gloss Polished  
Recommended Lane: Wood Lane
Warranty: 2 Years
RG: 2.7055 

If you want great control on your straight shot’s DVD Zombie Spare Viz-A can be a great choice. The way of its rolls incredibly responsive and excellent for picking spares. 
It has more friction in the wood lanes but not as much in the synthetic lanes. So, if you want to play in the wood lanes, you will get more hooking. Though you are a beginner, you don’t need a lot of effort to hook this Ball in the wood lane. 

  • It is one of the best bowling for wood lanes for rolls and control to pick the spares.
  • Its polyester coverstock and perfect design have given it an excellent action on the wood lanes.
  • It’s good controlling for straight shots doesn’t require much hooking.
  • DV8 Zombie Spare has less hoking potential. So, bowlers don’t need a lot of movement.
  • DV8 Zombie Spare is a high-gloss polished ball that helps to enjoy a lot of speed revolution. 
  • Lack of some grip may make some bowlers confront.
  • It is suitable for secondary bowlers but not as suitable for beginners who don’t have easy control as other options. 

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Product specifications:
→ Product Brand: Hammer  
→ Product Type:
Sporting Items 
→ Coverstock:
Hybrid Aggression
→ Cover:
Gas Mask 
→ Core Type:
→ Color:
→ Finishing:
500/1000 Abralon Polished/ Powerhouse Factory Polish    
→ Warranty:
3 Years 
→ RG:
2.50/2.63 Based On weight.
→ Recommended Lane Condition:
Medium to Heavy Oil.  

Hammer Black Widow features an aggression hybrid coverstock. Hybrid coverstock and RIP’D have the same chemical base that is using in modern technology bowling balls. You will get the best performance, strong backend motion on medium to heavy wooden lanes for its iconic gas mask core and great design. 

Hammer Black Widow is an excellent choice if you are confident enough to throw strikes or takedown spares to dominate the lanes. Hammer Black Widow offers a panoramic view from every angle before you think about buying it. 

  • Hammer Black Widow is one of the best balls for backend reaction.
  • You can still get good performance playing in medium to heavy oil wood lanes even though it has an aggressive coverstock.
  • Its carbon fiber materials have given long-lasting durability and great outer design.
  • It can generate lots of speed while approaching and striking the pins.
  • Though the balls have been made for the medium to heavy oil lanes, you can still get better results on dry lanes
  • Lack of some grip may make some bowlers confront.
  • It is suitable for secondary bowlers but not as suitable for beginners who don’t have easy control as other options. 

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Product specifications:
→ Product Brand: Storm
→ Color:
→ Product Type:
Sporting Items  
→ Core:
Traditional 3-Piece Core 
→ Cover Stock:
Pearl Polyester 
→ Finish:
3500 grit Polished
→ Recommended Lane Condition:

It is featuring a traditional 3-piece core with a polyester coverstock. Smoothing finishes, making it a perfect spare bowling ball that hits the lane with other power and superficial precision. Its polyester coverstock ensures toughness that other materials can’t propose. 

You can down the lane with minimal movement with the 3500-grit polished icy blue/white bowling ball. The icy blue/white is one of the stunning balls as well. It is one of the best standby balls ever we tried. 

  • It comes with a traditional 3-piece core design that helps to control and add power to throw.
  • Its regular weight will give you a more vigorous finish.
  • Its 3500-grit polish will help skids down the lane with less effort in the wood lanes.
  • The manageable backlash is the best side of this Ball.
  • It misses the back end. That’s why it works well for the corner pins.
  • Icy blue/white is one of the best spare balls for now in the marketplace comes with nice looking.
  • If you have too much anticipation for spare shots, it may not motivate you like professionals and a bit unreliable on heavy oiled lanes.
  • The price of the bowling ball is a bit high than any other polyester coverstock bowling ball. 

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Bowling ball For The Wood Lanes Buying Guides

  1. The hardness of the Ball

Wood lanes are much softer than synthetic lanes. That’s why wood lanes don’t require incredibly durable balls. Wood lanes create minor damage and cracks. 

Though wood lanes offer fewer risks of breaking balls, you still need a wide variety and better reputation balls that are more durable and considerable. 

  1. Coverstock

Coverstock is an outer shell of a bowling ball as wood lanes are not very slack and stiff so, any plastic or polyester coverstock balls have great control over the dry lanes on throwing balls. But while playing in the wet and oily lanes, you need to have grippy coverstock and durable balls. 

Hybrid Reactive Coverstcock is not perfect for the wood lanes, but plastic and Hybrid Aggression coverstock will give you higher friction and control to down the pins. 

Many oily wood lanes cause more slides than synthetic lanes. So, before you buy balls, you should consider balls coverstock working for you or against you. 

  1. Weight 

Weight is one of the most significant factors to handle a ball, especially for the low-derived bowlers. Picking a perfect weight means you chose a ball that you can control easily. 

It is okay to create ample speed with the lighter balls without any problem playing in the wood lanes. Because wood lanes have more friction than synthetic lanes for the lightweight balls, so you can easily grip the surface. Suppose you play in the suitable length and with heavy balls in the wood lanes, better select medium oily lanes.

We have listed some heavy and light balls based on their performance on wood lanes. 

  1. Flare Potential

Higher flare potential means higher friction on the lanes. Higher friction creates a higher hook and control over the Ball. As wood lanes are soft enough, they don’t need more flare potential or friction to hook the balls. Even with the lower potential, you can feel as if they are in control while bowling. 

Sometimes, a Higher potential may cause difficulty to control the Ball while playing in the wooden lanes unless the lanes are medium to heavy oily. 

So, we have listed some best lower potential balls that will give you more confidence in hooking and controlling power while playing in the wooden lane without worrying. 

  1. Price  

Sometimes it is critical to decide how to find out best for the beginners who want to start playing in the wooden lanes. We have listed three balls that are reasonable as they promised about the quality and service. 

Plastic and Polyester coverstock balls are less priced Balls compare to Solid Reactive balls. You can be relaxed just watching our lists those are reasonably priced with great products. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What kind of wood is used for bowling lanes?

Answer: wood bowling lanes are made mainly of maple and pine wood. The front part of the wood lanes is made of hard maple and the middle part of the wood lanes made of soft pine wood. Maple and Pine made wood lanes require maintenance every one or two years. Nowadays, many companies use transparent overlay over the wood surface that reduced the maintenance cost and period. 

  • How to adjust the game when bowling on the wood lane?

Answer: If you see the ball ins hooking too much in the wooden lane, you need to consider the following adjustment. 

  1.  Boost up your angel to the pocket
  2.  Change your standing position and mark towards the middle of the lanes
  3.   Try to passage your target close to the pins 
  4.  Pick a slower reacting ball.

  • What is the best bowling ball for wood lanes?

Answer: There are many best bowling balls for wood lanes ever we tested. Like Hammer Black Widow and Strom Ice, DVD Zombie Spare Viz-A is the best one from every aspect. 

  • Which is it better to use a heavy or light bowling ball in the wood lane?

Answer: we already know that wood lanes have much more friction. So heavy balls are not suitable for the wood lanes unless you are struggling with throwing. 

  • How to bowl on dry wood lanes?

Answer: This is a pretty good question often bowlers ask me. Of course, you have to speed your bowling while playing in the dry wood lanes. Two more factors you need to adjust playing in dry lanes. 

  • If you are right-handed, you need to move left and a bit deeper to the inside. 

you have to adjust your feet bowling in the dry lanes,

  • If you are left-handed, move your feet to the right side and try to increase your launch angle a bit. 

Final Words

Before you select which balls are perfect for the wood lanes, that might help our buying guide. None of the balls are 100% perfect for any lane and lane conditions.

So, we have selected three balls with the best performance for the wood lanes, based on their hardness, coverstock materials, weight, flare potential, price, and outlooking. We hope our buying guide helped you to find out the suitable Ball for you.