best bowling ball for medium to dry lanes

Are you a bowling balls expert, or are you just starting out? Either way, stick with me because this article will excite you with the best bowling balls for dry lanes, not to mention medium oil lanes.

When you feel you are great at bowling or want to try out something more challenging, then medium to dry lanes will always be an ideal solution. However, not all bowling balls are suitable for these lanes.

In order to have fun and get motivated during these low oil lanes, then the special balls below will be a perfect start out.

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What Is The Best Bowling Ball for Medium to Dry Lanes? – Here We Have Reviewed Four

Pyramid Path Bowling BallPyramid Path Bowling Ball


Polyester cover stock that allows the ball to run straight on a dry lane.
Available in most sizes for all ages and skillsets available.
Factory finish polish that helps withstand the harsh alley conditions.


Even the larger balls do not have drilled fingertip hole options.

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Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling BallBrunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball


High accuracy levels when on the alley.
Best value ball for beginners and as a spare ball.
Highly a glossy finish, which is commendable for dry lane balls.


Portray minimal hook potential.

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Michelin Storm Tropical Surge Pearl Bowling BallMichelin Storm Tropical Surge Pearl Bowling Ball


Allows a great amount of control over the low oil conditions of the lane.
The hook potential is incredibly high for a beginner ball.
The core, cover stock and finish are suitably matched for better performance.


Angles of hitting the pin are minimal with the ball.

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Pyramid Pathogen Plague Bowling BallPyramid Pathogen Plague Bowling Ball


Best resilience in low oil alley conditions.
Available in a variety of weights for different ages.
Great control while on the lane.
Suitable for right and left hands.


None of the balls has drilled holes for the fingers.

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Let’s Check More In Detail


1. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

Do you fancy having similar balls as a family? Pyramid path provides you with this freedom. With balls ranging from 6lbs to 16lbs, the kids, beginners, and bowling ball experts are all sorted. To top it up, get a glossy color blend of your choice from the wide spectrum available, to be specific, a whole 16 color choices.

Pyramid Path Bowling ball is a great choice for medium oil and dry lanes, given the characteristics below;

The ball is in a polyester cover stock, which withstands the harsh low oil conditions. It finally is capable of giving you straight shots, as though your alley was oiled.

In addition, the ball is new and undrilled; you will be the first to work on it right from the box. On top of that, the ball has an assurance of quality. What more with a ball that guarantees you a warranty of two years?

Moreover, the ball is not only specific for bowling lanes but also suitable for shooting spares.

Wondering how you will clean the ball after and before use? We have a solution, which is Monster Tac. The best part of it is that you can order the cleaner together with the ball(s) to ensure an immediate start once you get the ball. With a clean ball, you can always up to your performance even in a competition.

2. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Are you a beginner, a straight bowler, or a pro at bowling looking for a spare ball that will not cost you much? Why not try Brunswick Tzone, which comes at minimal cost? Available in a wide array of colors, you can always get your preference to suit your game, and, if necessary, differentiate your ball from the rest.

First off, the ball is in a composite of plastic and polyester cover stock. This makes it ideal for all low oil bowling lanes, shooting straight and withstanding the conditions. As though that was not enough, the ball comes in a high gloss finish, which enhances the movement of the ball, enhancing ball control on the alley.

The Brunswick Tzone ball has a hook potential, though low, which is 25, based on a scale of ten lowest to 175 being the highest.

Interestingly, the bowling ball is highly durable. This makes it the perfect ball for a beginner so that even when they advance, they still have it for spare and for training other beginners.

Tzone’s will guarantee you a straight-line shot, hence accuracy almost obvious. You will hence get to hit more pins with the ball, and as a beginner, this can be motivating.

Over and above that, it provides for most of the bowling sizes required, from 6lbs all the way to 16lbs. Therefore, the ball accommodates users of all ages and all skill levels available.

3. Michelin Storm Tropical Surge Pearl Bowling Ball

Michelin Storm presents you with the best medium oil bowling ball, with the reactivity required for both medium and dry lane conditions. And what’s more? A bowling ball with an attractive fragrance surrounding it, isn’t this awesome? With a variety of color composites, the ball presents different nice aromas around them. If we consider the tropical surge pearl ball, it comes with a birthday cake fragrance, which will make your birthday party livelier.

It is available in sizes starting from 10 pounds, and on till 16 pounds. The smooth movement gives even the beginners a chance to rejoice as they make a number of hits. All skill sets will be accommodated, giving the playing group a sense of bonding.

To start with, the Michelin Storm ball comes with a cover stock that is Reactor pearl reactive, hence providing the reactive impulse required on dry, and also low oil lanes. not to mention the 1500 grit polish finish, which, in conjunction with this cover stock, moves the ball further.

With a low differential of 0.050 and an RG of 2.49, controlling the ball with ease will always be in your hands. In addition is the RAD-E symmetrical core, which guarantees a substantial hook potential. It carries the weight block that makes the ball weightier than it seems Hence, it is a straight move before it flares. Thus, hit as many pins as you can within a single game.

4. Pyramid Pathogen Plague Bowling Ball

Pyramid Pathogen plague provides for the best bowling balls for dry lanes. The bowling ball stands out for its optimal resilience in dry and low oil lanes. This is due to its unique features as illustrated below.

First off, the New Era 139 symmetric core bowling ball features a GPS Navigational Urethane Cover, which enhances dry and medium lane performance. It is coupled with a 1000-grit abalone sand-like finish, which facilitates resistance. The two allow you to easily regulate the arcing motion of the ball on dry lanes.

Secondly, the scale is ideal for bowling, which is 142.20.  The RG is 2.54, the 3 to 4 inches medium flare potential differential 0.032. This medium flare core makes it strong enough for its job. Thus, all the measurements portrayed perfectly for your low oil bowling conditions.

Thirdly, the Pyramid Pathogen Plague Bowling ball has multiple drilling alternatives, which you will thank for the various bowling styles you will achieve with a single ball.

The best part is that you can easily control the ball. It is an awesome choice for straight bowlers, allowing both left- and right-hand bowling fun and easily realized.

It is available in different sizes to suit your specific needs, including

11, 14, 15, and 16 pounds.

Lastly, use Monster Gel or Monster Shine to get a clean lustrous outlook on the ball every time you use it, enhancing the achievement of consistent motion.


Buying Guide of Best Bowling Balls for Dry Lanes

The material of the cover stock

The cover stock material is essential for medium to dry lane bowlers. Why so? It is a great determinant of how you can control the ball. Moreover, this will determine how the ball withstands the low oil conditions and manages to continue rolling. Hence, the cover stock’s material should be something between polyester and urethane, most being reactive resin. A glossy, lustrous finish will also enhance the ball movement.


The best ball for medium and dry lanes should have a core that has substantial weight. The RG and differential should be fairly low, which will add to the performance of the core.

A hardcore will also increase the ball’s durability, which is every player’s joy. Even if the ball is best for you only as a beginner, having a spare ball is always a great choice to have.


Drill, otherwise known as pitch, are tiny holes that are found on some bowling balls. Those that don’t have can be customized. The ball’s drill allows you to have a better grip of the ball, hence ease in rolling the ball further. Drills are great for beginners learning to hold a bowling ball and are also welcome among expert bowlers.

A bowling ball that comes with a drill saves you the hustle and cost of having to look for an expert driller.

On the other hand, if you purchase a ball that has no pitch, you should have the option to drill it. Some balls will get damaged by drills. Due to the harsher condition of medium and low oil lanes, having a ball with a pitch, or one that allows for pitching should be a priority for better performance.


Weight is an important part of bowling, which is why different weights are available. If you are just beginning to bowl, less weight, such as 10lbs, is best for you. For kids, lower weight, 6lbs being the minimum, will be great.

For medium and dry lanes, balls are available in weights between 6lbs and 16lbs, 14 to 16lbs being preferred by adults and expert bowlers.

Hook Potential

A ball with a higher hook potential is capable of hitting more pins within one shot. Hence, you will be safer in a competition if your ball has high hook potential. Sadly, medium oil and dry lane balls have less hooking potential as compared to heavy oil balls.

All the same, you should ensure that you get a ball with the highest hooking potential possible. If you are a beginner, you obviously want a ball that will raise your spirits and push you deeper into the game. If in a competition, you want a ball that will increase your chances of winning.

Thus, hooking potential is a necessary consideration in getting the best bowling balls for dry lanes, and the same should apply for the best medium oil bowling ball.

If you are interested to hook a bowling ball. You can check our Best Bowling Ball for Hook ReviewYou definitely love it.

What Does Medium to Dry lanes Mean in Bowling?

Medium to dry lanes is a common word combination in bowling. What does it mean? In general, the term refers to low oil conditions in the alley. For a bowling ball to shoot straight and without strain, a wet lane, which is highly oiled, is the preference of many. However, when you want a little challenge in the game, medium to dry lanes will give you that, which obviously comes with some ball resistance.

— Knowledgebase —

Oil Bowling balls

Based on the amount, the width of the lane (shape), and the length of the lane (distance) the oil is used, funneling the ball toward the pocket house patterns will help bowlers knock down pins. House patterns are also called recreational designs.

Light Oil Condition

The Ebonite Destiny Hybrid bowling ball is night one light oil lane as its makers design it for hooking medium to dry condition. It also has lessened-hook potential.

Urethane Bowling Ball

Urethane bowling balls have a suitable grip by which increases the overall game experience. It also provides a great motion on the whole on different lane conditions. For pliers who use speed, this ball is very much useful. Moreover, Players who face trouble with one symmetric core urethane ball will find it a very well-balanced and convenient one.

Lasting Period of the balls

Urethane made bowling balls last longer than plastic-made ones. It also generates more friction between the lane surface and the bowling lane.

Lane Bowling Balls

Bowlers should buy bowling balls by justifying lane conditions. If you can purchase or select a ball matching the different lane conditions, for example, dry and oily, or somewhere in between. That would be a hazard-free or trouble-free condition.

Versatile Bowling Balls

The best versatile bowling balls provide controllable ball motion and a reliable skid length. If you want an easy and perfect ball for the best motion for most lane conditions, you need a symmetric bowling ball.

You also need to compare it to asymmetric core bowling balls to test these symmetric balls’ core design.

All bowling balls that are drilled are asymmetrical. It does not matter whether they were symmetrical or asymmetrical before drilling. In terms of skid length, symmetric balls normally generate better skid distance while asymmetric produce increased length. Symmetric bowling balls produce an arc motion in the mid-lane that is easy to control with a smooth back-end motion from the breakpoint.

Entry-level Bowling Balls

Plastic cover balls are not expensive and do not use hook simultaneously, and it is the perfect choice for entry-level bowlers. If the bowler wants a better hook shot and more friction and resists absorbing oil, balls with urethane coverstock are the best opinion for them. An experienced and skilled bowler’s best choice is Reactive Resin bowling balls.

Medium Oil Lanes Condition

Twenty milliliters of mineral oil are used in medium oil conditions to keep the lane smooth. Speed ranges from 300 – 400 in this condition. It helps gain a high score less aggressively. Medium lane condition allows you to play in a situation that is not too dry or slippery.

Drier Bowling Lane

Usually, a dry lane creates a more massive hook than an oily lane and causes greater friction between the surface and the ball. The bowling balls react based on how much oil is on the surface.

Lane Condition for Pro

Difficult lane conditions are designed for the pro Bowlers so that high scoring is hard to achieve. Most of the part-time bowlers do not know that. This design is one of the main reasons why lane condition is the most important thing.

House Oil Pattern

You will not always see the ideal lane condition. Thankfully it is on your side. Your local bowling alley is meant to assist you by facilitating higher scoring, which is one of the primary house patterns.


There are two ways. First and foremost, you can adjust your stance. Secondly, you may switch up your style to accommodate the lane condition.

Parting Shot

Other than the lane, pins, and oil patterns, bowling balls are the most important element of a bowling game. For this reason, choosing the best ball for your bowling game conditions and style is of the essence.

Above is a list of the best bowling balls dry lanes, and also medium oil lane conditions. Now the ball is in your court; go get your favorite from one of the best.