best bowling ball for hook

Perhaps one of the biggest bowling investments you’ll ever make is buying a fantastic bowling ball for hook beginners. This investment would ensure you have more strikes in any game you play in. Unless bowling is simply entertainment for you, there are certain factors to consider before purchasing a bowling ball.

Here, we present to you the best hooking bowling balls that help you nail as many strikes as possible in any bowling game.  These balls improve your bowling game experience- professional or a beginner.

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Here Are The Top 5 Hooking Bowling Balls

1. Roto Grip Bowling Halo Ball

This bowling ball is an absolute game-changer for professional bowlers. It redefines how a bowler makes his shot. A bonus? The color is very creative. Keep reading to discover what makes it tick.

One fascinating fact about the ball that makes it stand out is its ability to take in a lot of energy it needs for its hook. It does this while swallowing/ using up energy as it rolls down the lanes. This move makes a huge difference in your bowling experience. Beginners shouldn’t use this ball, at least without supervision. The reason is none other than the aggression of this bowling ball. As a beginner at bowling, it’s wise to get one of the best bowling balls for Hook beginners. It would save you from danger. However, if you are a professional, you can snatch this ball.

The high hook potential aids accuracy, improving your bowling experience.
This bowling ball is effective in achieving angularity while playing.
All thanks to the core and the coverstock, this bowling ball can function effectively in any lane condition, especially heavy oil lanes.

It was designed to work with heavy oil lanes. Hence, it is not suitable for every condition.
This ball is not suitable for amateurs because of its high aggression. Only professionals can control the ball’s impulses.

Our Pick
2. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

The difference between a great bowling experience and performance could be the ball. From providing a fantastic ball motion on the bowling alley to perfecting the hook, this bowling ball is one of the best bowling balls for Hook around. Let’s dive into what makes this ball from the pyramid technology tick.

You should consider owning this bowling ball because of the generous blend of its versatility and durability. As earlier stated, bowlers can use it on any surface. Most importantly, it lasts long. So, you would get value for your money. Also, you can drill the holes into the ball based on preference.

Thanks to the Polyester coverstock, it has a long life span. It helps you save up a lot of money.
It is versatile in motion. It achieves its versatility with the help of the core. That is, it is suitable for any lane condition.
Even though this bowling ball is durable, it is quite affordable.
Bowlers can choose from a variety of colors of the ball. It allows them to add a bit of aesthetics to their game.

This ball has no hook potential. It is not surprising as the manufacturers made it for beginners.
Professionals can also use it but as an addition to their set of bowling balls

Highly Recommended
3. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

Simply put, this bowling ball is the best bowling ball for Hook beginners. So, if you’re looking to invest in a bowling ball that hooks well and you are a beginner, then this bowling ball should be right for you. Let’s explore its talents.

There are certain features that set this bowling ball apart and make you invest in it. One of these unique features is its incredible ease of control. With a ball power and control balance, bowlers can hit more pins than expected.

The Coverstocks give you control over the ball, making you score as many strikes as possible even with fewer skills.
Thanks to the light bulb core, the ball has a fantastic motion.
It works perfectly for medium and dry oil condition

The sad part of this fantastic ball with great potential is that it is not durable. So, you might want to get another ball alongside this ball.

Good Choice
4. Hammer Black Widow Black/Gold Bowling Ball

This aggressive bowling ball is one of the best bowling balls for Hook Beginner on the market. With an asymmetric core and high hook potential, let’s see what more features this ball has.

If you are looking to purchase a ball that hits hard, making you look like a pro in the process, you should opt for this. Once set in motion, it never loses or slows down its speed as it approaches the pin. Instead, it maintains its speed until it collides into the pins, knocking them out with incredible force and explosiveness in the process.

It offers a robust backend
The aggressive coverstock allows it to run smoothly on a heavy oil lane condition to give you a really nice shot.
It gives your bowling performance an upward boost so that you can earn more strikes.

It is not suitable for dry lane conditions

5. DV8 Pitbull Bark Bowling Ball

This bowling ball is the fourth installment in the Pitbull Bark series. Of course, it comes with an upgrade from the previous installment in the series. Just like the name itself, pitbull, It is an aggressive bowling ball. Without further ado, let’s dive into the juicy details of this ball.

One of the things that makes this bowling ball unique is that it can give you the perfect hook on the lanes with heavy oil. This ability is all thanks to its aggressive build. No lanes can intimidate this bowling ball. Like a true pitbull, it barks at the heaviest lanes. Regardless of the color, this ball is a great addition to your bowling ball collection.

It is the ideal ball for Hook in heavy oil conditions.
To spice this ball with aesthetics, the color of the ball includes Black/Violet/Neon/Green.
It is ideal for professional bowlers.

If you love colors, you might not like the color of the ball.
While this ball is suitable for professionals, beginners might need more skills to be able to handle this ball properly.

Bowling Balls for Hook – Buying Guide

After going through our best bowling balls for Hook, we present you with a buying guide that would unite you with the ideal bowling ball for you. Here are the things you should consider before purchasing a bowling ball.

Material/ Coverstock

Coverstocks are the material used in making the exterior of a bowling ball. It contributes to the spinning quality of the ball. The best hook bowling balls are either made from Polyester, Plastic, or Reactive resin Compound. The Reactive resin Compound comes in three different styles. These are the reliable, pearl, or hybrid. If you want your ball to spin down the lane in a straight line, a polyester ball should do the trick.


The core is another feature you should consider before investing your money in any bowling ball. It is the inside weight of a bowling ball. The core works with the coverstock to determine the spin of the ball. There are two core types of bowling balls. The first is the symmetric or pancake core. Beginners should use balls with a pancake core. But professionals can use balls with the asymmetric core.

Hook Potential

This feature dwells on how the ball curves on its way to hit the pins. The coverstock determines how much the ball curves. It determines the friction of the ball.  By design, bowling balls either have high or low hook potentials. You can determine the hook potential of your ball by your bowling skills.

The best bowling balls for amateurs or beginners are the bowling balls with low Hook. Professionals, on the other hand, can get the high hook potential bowling balls. The hook potential of the ball gives you control over how the ball hits the pins.


Not everyone can use the same bowling ball weight. For some, a heavyweight is perfect for them. For others, lightweight bowling balls are all they can handle. The advantage of having a lightweight bowling ball is that the ball would spin with much speed.

Outward look

Manufacturers design bowling balls with a variety of colors and patterns. Boost confidence while playing with a bowling ball whose appearance interprets or expresses your personality perfectly.

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Oil Lane Condition

Along with arm swing and release techniques and the material, your bowling ball is made out of oil lane condition that plays a major role in your ball’s movements while playing.

How did it Come to be?

The evolution of the oiled lane started long ago. Bowling alleys used oil to coat their lanes to protect them so that the ball could not leave any dents on the surface that was made of wood. However, most modern world’s lanes are synthetic, while the conditioning process is almost similar.

Importance of Oil Lane Condition

Sand traps and water hazards in golf are more like bowling lane conditions. But the difference is no one can see the oil pattern practically. As a result, bowlers play the game by guessing where the oil has been applied to adjust the bowling based on oil condition. The oil now plays a part in making the game more challenging besides protecting the lane’s surface.

Reactive Resin Ball

Reactive resin is a polyurethane that is a higher level, which includes extra additives for increasing the ball’s porosity. It helps the ball to make more substantial friction with the lane surface. In the modern game nowadays, it is the most popular cover stock.


At the breakpoint and In mid-lane, watching your bowling is essential. During delivery, a bowler imparts four forces on the ball. The forces are certain with a primary rev rate, initial speed, a beginning axis of tilt, and rotation.

The Phase

There are three phases: the first transition skid to hook called skid phase, the second transition from hook to roll called the hook phase, and the roll phase. The ball passes through two changes and three stages as it travels down the lane.

You do not experience a transition in ball direction during the skid phase because the force’s speed from the rev rate is slower than the ball’s pressure.

The rev rate speed of the ball surpasses the force from the speed of the ball, and a minor alter in ball direction happens, which is noticeable. This change is the 1st change in motion when the ball passes the lane”s back end.

Axis Rotation

Your ball’s axis rotation surpasses the axis tilt of the ball when the first 2 phases of the motion occur. But during the skid and hook phases, it loses the axis rotation earlier than the tilt.

The ball generally does not hook any longer after the ball goes through the roll phases. A bowling ball comes to its top rev rate during the 2nd transition when at a breakpoint. The ball’s rev rate will always be faster in the roll phase than in the skid and hook phase.

Weight Range

6 lbs to 16 lbs are the ranges of the bowling bowl weight. The weight of the ball that males use ranges between 12 lbs – 16 lbs in most cases.

Why does Bowling Ball Weight Matter?

Whether you are a new bowler or an experienced one, it is crucial to choose a total weight bowling ball to help you develop as a good bowler. For children, bowling balls range from 6 lb up to 16 lbs for an adult bowler.

There is a technique to grow as a good bowler, that is – select the maximum weight ball you can control and maintain the ball speed properly and handle it properly for drilling. Balls that weigh 15 lbs or 16 lbs require strength because while delivering, you gain more massive force or impact with the bowling pins than when you use balls that are lighter weight.

How to Determine the Weight

The essential factors in learning the game are using the right weight ball by having a correctly fitted ball to your hand couple and developing an arm swing that is smooth and tension free. Use a lightweight ball in case you can not maintain the standard speed range maximum weight ball. The speed range 16/17 mph is the standard or general speed range.

Ball weight for the kids

Assuming you are buying a  ball for the kids or young bowlers, matching the ball’s weight with their ages would be the standard. For instance, buy a 6 lb ball for a six or seven-year-old, 10 lb for a 10 or 11 years old.

A shop professional should measure the bowler’s age and gender to make a particular ball perfectly fit and decrease the possibilities of injuries and hazards to the bowling hand.

Properly suited weight balls will help you develop accuracy and control of the bowler.


The difference between the maximum and minimum RG is the Differential in the bowling balls. The Differential informs or tells us the overall hoo of the bowling ball. The calculation also decides high, medium, and low ratings in the future potential.

Different Types of Bowling Balls

Particle (Proactive), Plastic, Urethane, and reactive resin are the four types of bowling balls there.

Hybrid Coverstocks

Combining solid and pearl reactive coverstocks when they give an extra ball reaction option to the forerunner coverstocks are called hybrid coverstocks.

Hook Shot

If you practice it with a tennis ball first, it will give you an extra boost to learn it faster. Through friction, which helps them to grip the bowling lanes, is the way a bowling ball hooks.

Perfect ball

If your bowling ball’s weight is nearly 10 percent of your total body weight, it is a perfect one for you. Another method uses one or two pounds heavier balls than the house ball you use for practice.

Affordable Bowling Ball

$90 – $140 is the average expense of a bowling ball. It also depends on how important the bowling ball is to you.

Pearl Bowling Balls

Pearl bowling balls can react swiftly to a higher friction portion of the lane and generate a more extended skid motion, and it helps during the breakdown of the lane oil condition.

Reactive Bowling Ball

It has a different feature. There is a layer of grippy resin in a reactive bowling ball different from any other balls.

Premium Bowling Balls

Premium bowling balls are used in the Premium Bowling game. It is an easy and realistic generated bowling game. Premium bowling also supports virtual reality and multiplayer.

Final Verdict

Now you might wonder why you should carefully choose a bowling ball. Well, there are myriads of reasons. But here’s one reason you should painstakingly choose a bowling ball.  As a bowler, you apparently need skills to be great. However, beyond just skills, getting the best bowling balls for Hook can help you reach your goals faster.

It won’t make a beginner a professional overnight, but it would improve the quality of your game. It’s like the 80/20 principle. With the perfect bowling ball, you won’t need to expel too much energy to play well. You just need to couple your skills with the best bowling ball ever. Viola! Watch the magic happen!

You can check our step-by-step guide on how to hook a bowling ball properly. You’ll Love it