Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball

Are you considering becoming a professional cranker in a bowling ball team? No matter what game you play, you have to prepare yourselves. To prepare yourself as a cranker you will need a bowling ball that is great for crankers. That’s why I am here with the best bowling ball for crankers. 

But before we get into the balls, we should go through some more about cranker style. Let’s get going then. 

What is a cranker style in Bowling?

In professional bowling, there are different playstyles for various players. The cranker style mostly focuses on getting the highest chances for a strike. It’s a great opener for the team to crack through. 

The main goal for a cranker is to generate revolution and power into the bowling ball. This requires a lot of precision and wrist action to get perfection. The results of perfect cranker style can be very crucial in the professional bowling ball scenario.

To make it a cranker, you will need to have good posture and great balance. Also, your wrist action will affect your results. And for all this to work out, you will need to find the perfect ball for yourself to practice with. 

List of 4 Best bowling ball for crankers

Storm-Proton-Physix-Bowling-BallStorm Proton Physix Bowling BallCoverstock: Reactive Solid
Core: Atomic 
Weight: 15lbs 
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Brunswick-Bowling-Twist-Reactive-BallBrunswick Bowling Twist Reactive BallCoverstock: Pearl Reactive
Core: Twist low diff  
Weight: 8lbs 
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Motiv-Venom-Shock-Bowling-BallMotiv Venom Shock Bowling BallCoverstock: Reactive 
Core: Gear symmetric 
Weight: 12-16lbs 
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Storm-Phaze-IIIStorm Phaze IIICoverstock: Reactive Hybrid
Core: Velocity symmetric  
Weight: 12-16lbs 
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1. Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball

Product specifications

  • Coverstock: Reactive Solid
  • Core: Atomic 
  • Weight: 15lbs 


  • The ball is super easy to control 
  • It has great torque ability 
  • Excellent coverstock provides good traction 
  • It clears the front exceptionally well 
  • A strong atomic core gives it a good spin 
  • Abralon 2000 grit finish 


  • This might get too smooth at the breakpoints 
  • Not that great for middle patterns 

Detailed review

I can’t even begin to describe all the good stuff about this ball. Since the discussion is about crankers, I will stick to all the benefits crankers can get. To start, the ball feels amazing at hand when you hold it because of the 2000 grit Abralon finish. You will have no complaints with the first impression of this ball. 

Next up comes the high-quality coverstock. It has got the NeX solid reactive coverstock. Due to this, the traction you get on oily surfaces is impeccable. How does that help the crankers? Well, you will get much more revolution and spin on the bowl due to that. Also, the control you have over the ball goes up by a lot. 

Coming to the core of the ball, it has got an Atomic core from the PhysiX lineup. The core has a low RG, which gives this ball the ability to spin like a top. So, you can go on with your full wrist action on this one because none of it will go to waste. 

Now let’s get to some crucial points. The torque of the ball is amazing, all thanks to the cover. It’s so smooth that the reaction to different surfaces is phenomenal. Moving to the length aspect of the ball. It clears up the front quite well without any struggles at all. 

If I were to draw the lines here, I would say it’s a complete ball for the cranker-style players. The ball is easy to control when you can have a lot of oil in the front. Along with that, some nice and clean back ends work very well. 

2. Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball

Product specifications

  • Coverstock: Pearl Reactive
  • Core: Twist low diff  
  • Weight: 8lbs 


  • Two different symmetrical core options 
  • Looks are too good
  • Perfect coverstock provides the perfect balance 
  • Has amazing low hook potential 
  • A great option for beginners 
  • Quality built 
  • Value for money


  • Not the best for advanced bowlers 
  • It doesn’t perform well in medium or heavy lanes 

Detailed review

The first thing you might say when you see this bowl is, “It’s gorgeous.” The looks of this ball have mesmerized a lot of bowlers around the world. But that doesn’t mean it’s just all looks and no merit. I chose this one to be on this list for several great reasons. And considering the crankers styles, it’s a great option to go for. 

Let’s begin with talking about the coverstock for a while. The coverstock of the ball brings you the perfect balance of power and control. Brunswick is calling this the R-16 coverstock. I should also mention that it’s a pearl reactive coverstock, so you can never go wrong with it at all. 

To give you an optimal performance experience, this ball comes with a compound finish of Crown Factory. To be more specific, it’s known as SiaAir polish. This finish on the ball gets it to a straight-up premium quality bowling ball. Even though the finish doesn’t bring much on the table for curving or hooking, but it gets the job done. 

Coming to the core, we get to see 2 different types of core options on this one. This is the reason they are calling this one the twist. One of the cores is a bullet core, and the other one is a low differential core. Mind you; both are symmetric cores.

Now, considering all of this, what value do you get from the ball? Well, when you combine the core and the coverstock, you get excellent ball continuity. You will be saving up a lot of energy that could have gone to waste with the usual balls. Overall, this ball is the best bet for you if you are a beginner. Because with its performance you will have a lot of room to grow. 

3. Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Product specifications

  • Coverstock: Reactive 
  • Core: Gear symmetric 
  • Weight: 12-16lbs 


  • Performs exceptionally well after the oil breaks down
  • It comes with more of an angular motion in the backend
  • Great traction due to the reactive coverstock
  • Versatility is great throughout different lanes 
  • Top-quality symmetric core. 
  • Simplistic yet stylish looks with a great finish 


  • Not that great for dry lanes 

Detailed review

You realize the real capability of the Motiv Venom shock right when it’s coming to an end. In general, the ball has got a lot of good stuff packed inside. This can turn into a beast once the lane oil pattern starts breaking down. 

The core features a Top Gear core which is symmetric. In a word, the core is just perfect for the conditions you can play this on. It has got a low RG and a low differential which gives this one an edge on the oily lanes when they break down. Also, it can conserve quite a lot of energy going down the lane. 

Want to know the real hero of this ball? It’s undoubtedly the Turmoil MFS coverstock of this one. It’s a reactive coverstock which gives this one great traction over the lanes. This eventually results in this being a great ball for crankers style bowling. It has to be one of the best bowling balls for high speed. 

The versatility on this ball is incredible. You will know what you are getting from it after a few shots. And the more you play with this ball, the more you fall in love with it. If you enjoy playing on lighter lanes, you will find yourself using this ball more than your other balls. It’s pretty much guaranteed at some point. 

The finishing of the ball comes with a 4000 grit LSS. So, you get great length coming from this one in the lane. And the looks of this one will surely satisfy you, especially when you love the color purple. 

4. Storm Phaze III

Product specifications

  • Coverstock: Reactive Hybrid
  • Core: Velocity symmetric  
  • Weight: 12-16lbs 


  • Fastest reaction to traction 
  • Excellent core for quality performance
  • A unique combination of the core and cover 
  • It comes with great looks 
  • 1500 grit finish for smoothness
  • Performs very well in rugged lanes 
  • Quality built 


  • None in particular

Detailed review

I feel like I have truly saved the best for the last. Storm Phaze III is undeniably a beast when it comes to cranker-style bowling. The core, the coverstock, and all the other technology work together to bring the best out of this ball and the best out of you as well. 

When it comes to the core of the ball, you will be left in awe. The earlier version of the Phaze II was on a league of its own. But this one far exceeds the capabilities of that. With the R3S hybrid cover, you can expect the quickest of responses to traction. Also, the blending out of the lane transaction will keep you satisfied all the time. 

And if we consider the core, then it just gets better. For the core of this, you get a low RG velocity core and a very high differential. Already a lot of professionals have become fans of the velocity core all over the world. 

The best part is when you combine the core and cover; you have a beast in your hand. The diving power of the ball can take you through any rugged lane. The allover smoothness and performance of this ball hardly get matched by any other bowling balls out there. 

If you take that all into the count as a cranker, you can’t get a better ball than this one. It’s the absolute best and all you will ever need to prepare as a cranker for a professional team.

Things to consider for the cranker style bowling ball

When you are pursuing the cranker style, you will need to consider the perfect ball as well. To get the perfect ball for cranker-style bowling, there are some factors you will need to go through. 

  • The coverstock 

As you can tell by the review, reactive coverstocks are your best bet when it comes to cranker style: especially reactive pearl and reactive hybrid ones. Because the cranker style involves revolution and torque, you would want a reactive cover to the traction.

  • Core

For the core, you would want something symmetrical with low RG and high differential. A low RG can give your ball the perfect Rev it needs for cranker-style bowling. They tend to rev up on their own without you having to put too much energy. Their performance gets smoother down the end pattern. This is very helpful when you are playing cranker style. Although a low differential doesn’t have too much impact in cranker style, it’s good to go for a high one. 

  • Gripping

Gripping is the least of your worries in cranker-style bowling. Since you have to use a high rev rate for cranker style, gripping doesn’t bother that much. So, even a lower grip ball will do the job for you. 

  • Hooking potential

Hooking potential can make or break the game for any cranker-style player because the goal of the cranker style is power rather than accuracy. So, you would want a ball that lets you gain more hooking potential. A higher hooking potential makes you a better cranker-style player. 

  • The weight 

Next up, you have to consider the weight of the ball. Since you will need a lot of wrist action in cranker-style bowling, you need a lightweight ball. To get the perfect results, you will need the perfect weight of the ball. And this goes for any style you are playing in. 

A bowling ball of 12 to 14 pounds is the perfect weight for cranker-style players. With this weight, you won’t be putting too much pressure on your wrist. As a result, there will be less stress on your wrist, which gives you better control over them. 

Go through these factors before you make your choice of a cranker-style bowling ball. They are important and pretty handy once you get them right. 

Final words 

To sum up, unlike many sports, the ball you use for playing impacts the game of bowling. That’s why for a particular style, you will need the perfect kind of ball. And here I showed you the best bowling ball for crankers. So, if you plan to be a cranker-style player, you can choose any one of the ones I mentioned to start your journey. You will end up satisfied, I can assure you that much.