Storm Bowling Ball Reviews

Many brands manufacture bowling balls. Consequently, it is highly possible to be in a dilemma of the best ball to purchase. In the bowling sector, the most critical equipment is the ball. Do you want to know what poor construction may cause?

First, if you are a beginner, then you would count all your efforts to be an expert fruitless. For an expert, then it would even be worse. Your desire to learn more tricks is left unfulfilled.

Further, you may spend ages blaming your skills, yet it is the equipment failure. I guess you wouldn’t like any of those predicaments, correct? Good, read this article to identify the best storm bowling balls, which are not only top-rated but also from the most respected bowling ball manufactures. But first, are reasons why you should trust this brand.

What makes storm manufacturers stand out?

This brand was founded in 1985 as a high score product. They manufactured their first ball in 1991 and changed their name to Storm manufacturers the same year.  Due to its excellent products by 1992, it was an international standard brand.  From its history, it is clear that it has been in the market long enough to gather the required expertise. Most of its balls are unisexual. However, you can get a gender-constructed ball if you need it.

This brand focuses on durability and performance. Thus in any of their products, they don’t have to take their word. Unlike most brands, Storm Inc. struggles to find a meeting point between affordability and performance. As a result, most of their products have high functionality and still affordable. It is a brand that is useful to both the novices and the experts. With that said, let discuss f their most-used balls.

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Top 4 Best Storm Bowling Ball Reviews

1. Michelin Storm Physix Bowling Ball Review

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  • As a result of the hybrid reactive construction, it is an excellent choice for slightly wet to heavy wet lanes
  • It has fantastic hook potential due to the vast RG
  • Its Abralon finish does boost not only its durability but also an elegant appearance.
  • A versatile ball that is fit for both slightly wet and heavy wet lanes
  • It is a heavyweight ball thus not fit for beginners.

Everything about this ball makes it 0utstanding. It is not only the cover stock but also the inner core, which allows multiple drilling designs. Its outer casing is of NRG hybrid reactive cover stock for both slightly wet and heavy wet lanes. Is that not brilliant? Such a level of versatility is also found in the inner core, which facilitates multiple drilling styles.

Further, the finishing of the ball is also not left to chances. It is 3000-grit Abralon. Consequently, you can be assured of not only a firm grip but also an eye-appealing ball. Due to the weight of this ball with excellent construction, most experts recommend it. The Michelin ball weighs 15 pounds, thus a heavyweight ball, which makes it fit for competitions.

Additionally, the hook potential of this ball is enough to convince you. With a high RG of 2.48, this ball has more exceptional skidding capabilities. Also, unlike most of the balls of its weight, it has a boosted differential of 0.053. This ball construction ensures that you can exercise multiple winning tricks.

Also, if you are a massive player, note that this storm bowling ball has a rigid construction. Consequently, you can play as long as you want without fear of fast wasting. However, if you are a beginner, this ball will not work for you. Hence you should look for a lightweight ball.

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2. Storm HY Road X Bowling Ball Review

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  • The inner core construction facilitates multiple drilling options
  • Its outer case promises firm grips
  • Provides a wide range of motions
  • It has strong backend reactions
  • It is a greatly hooking ball, thus not fit for a spare ball.

The hy road ball from the storm manufacturers is another ball that you can never go wrong after purchasing. Every part of its construction focuses on not only aggressiveness but also to promise exquisite hooking capabilities.

It has a solid reactive cover stock. Therefore, it is fantastic in both dry lane and wet lane conditions. Moreover, this type of cover stock makes it a highly aggressive ball. Also, if you need a ball that will offer stress-free handling, then the solid reactive material can promise that

If you are an expert, you can agree that hook potential is vital for a winning ball. That is precisely what this ball promises. It has an RG of 2.57, which escalates its hooking potential. When it comes to the core of this ball, you can expect it to be better.  The inner core construction uses FE2 technology. Thus, you can expect a variety of drilling styles and unbeatable performance.

What about the finish of this exceptionally constructed ball? In fact, its finish is what makes most bowlers purchase it. The 1500 grit polish avails a sturdier grip and a more beautiful appearance. Moreover, this polish is handy in making the ball last for an extended period.

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3. Michelin Pitch Black Bowling Ball Review

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  • It has a fantastic finish that provides the highest friction coefficient that is needed for smooth motion
  • The urethane cover stock avails strong back end reactions
  • Avails multiple drilling styles
  • Due to the firmness of the outer case, this ball promises durability
  • Motion in wet lanes is restricted

Additionally, if you are tired of the reactive resin construction, then this urethane bowling can be your rescue. The urethane construction of this ball is known to have the smoothest motions. Besides, their rough surfaces provide a high friction coefficient to maintain a consistent motion.

Nonetheless, the core construction makes you the master of the balls’ motion. It has a symmetrical capacitor inner core, which allows you to regulate the flare potential. As a result, you influence the motion of the ball. Also, due to the symmetrical design of this ball, you can enjoy a variety of drilling options.

When it comes to the polishing of the outer case, you can expect things to get superior. This fantastic ball has a 1000-grit factory polish. Such a graceful polish promises more smooth motions. Besides, it guarantees effortless handling of the ball. If you need a ball that will last for ages, the Michelin pitch ball will meet your expectations. Just like other balls of this respected manufacturer, its construction is quite sturdy for longevity.

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Final verdict

In a nutshell, Storm Inc has been manufacturing bowling balls since 1991. It is a goal-oriented company. Consequently, all their products have excellent functionality. Considering that the construction of a bowling ball determines the success of your sport, you would like to get a well-crafted ball. Still a ball that will promise the broadest range of motions will do you much good.

The balls from the storm manufacturer promise durability from the cover stock to the inner core. In fact, most of the experts in this field recommend their balls due to their cover stocks. This article highlights storm bowling ball reviews. It discusses al their specifications pros and cons to quicken the search process.

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