Roto grip bowling ball reviews

Is it True that Rotogrip Balls have a higher functionality?

The inner core of a bowling ball is essential, just like the cover stock construction. Most bowling ball brands tend to compromise a specific feature while trying to improve the other. Thus, making it almost impossible to find a ball whose entire construction is of high quality.

However, with the Roto grip brand in the picture, consider everything a turn around. It is a brand that seeks to ensure that you keep on raising the ladder as a bowler. Subsequently, every part of their balls is unbeatable. T0 prove my words, here is a Roto grip bowling ball reviews.  Though first, let me give more reasons why this brand remains unbeatable.

Why Roto-grip manufacturers?

The manufacturer of a product plays a significant role when it comes to quality. Purchasing an item from a mediocre brand will not only disappoint you but also negate all your efforts. No one needs that.

Everyone requires quality, which is solely provided by a brand that lives on its words. That is what distinguishes the Roto-grip manufacturers. Since 1952 when it was founded, it has lived to deliver what it promises.

Additionally, its customer services are friendlier than you could imagine. Thus, besides getting an item that meets your expectations, the delivery process is fast and efficient. However, the critical thing that separates the Roto-grip balls is durability. Some of their unbeatable balls are.


Top 3 Roto Grip Bowling Ball Reviews

Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball
Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball
  • A highly versatile ball that has excellent motion in slightly wet and heavy wet lanes
  • Due to its fantastic polishing, this ball lasts longer
  • It has multiple drilling styles
  • Its motions are highly enhanced
Roto Grip Urethane Bowling Ball
Roto Grip Urethane Bowling Ball
  • The outer case is quite rigid for durability
  • The surface promises a firm grip for more control
  • Due to its cover stock, it can move on a dry and slightly wet lanes
  • The core construction makes the drilling process less strenuous
Roto Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball
Roto Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball
  • The solid cover makes it last longer.
  • Moves well in both dry and medium wet lanes thus promising versatility.
  • Its motion is quite excellent even after hooking.
  • The core allows different drilling options.


The finish of a bowling ball is quite critical. It determines the motion of the ball and also simplicity in cleaning. The finish of this bowling ball from the Roto-grip manufacturer promises that and much more. The case has a 200 grit pad, which makes a motion in heavy wet lanes more efficient.

Likewise, the construction of the cover stock is also brilliant. It has a reactive solid case that provides the broadest range of motion. Its solid nature makes it move in the oil effortlessly. Also, it ensures the ball lasts longer. Getting deeper into the inner core, you can expect things to get better.

The core has an asymmetrical style. Consequently, it is quite safe for any drilling style. Moreover, it also constitutes skilful crafting, which makes it sturdier. This Roto grip ball has an RG of 2.49, which makes it hooking capabilities more excellent.

Also, if you need a highly aggressive ball, then you got one. The halo bowling ball inner core and the cover stock construction increase its aggressiveness. However, it is a 15-pound ball, which makes it only recommendable to experts due to the problems in controlling.


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When dealing with an asymmetrical core, you would expect the ball motion to be inferior compared to the symmetrical core. If also that is your expectation, then you are yet to discover this ball. Besides, having a symmetrical core, the motion of this Roto grip bowling ball is entirely smooth on dry and wet lanes.

Having a solid urethane cover stock, you cannot afford to doubt the durability of this ball. The highly reinforced outer case withstands any amount of friction. In fact, it is tougher to generate the needed friction coefficient for better motions. To add, it has a 100 grit polish, which takes its longevity to another level.

What captivates me about this ball is its hooking potential. Due to its high RG, this ball skidding capabilities are exceptional. It skids quite early to ensure that you got higher chances of scoring a strike. It hooks quite early and continues with a smooth motion. Moreover, its backend reactions are quite efficient.

If you need a highly aggressive ball, then this will meet your expectations. Due to its urethane construction, its m0tions are optimally aggressive. Moreover, the flare potential of this ball allows you to have control of its motions. Also, a ball with an average core might break while drilling. This ball avoids that by ensuring it has a nucleus-designed core for stress-free drilling.


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Getting a ball that promises versatility is killing two birds with a single stone. A bowling ball whose motion is not limited by the lane condition increases its usefulness. If you want to enjoy such a rare feature, then the ink hustle ball will satisfy you. It has reactive cover stock, which makes movement in dry and wet lanes smoother. Moreover, its motion is not reduced after spinning.

Nevertheless, this item from the Roto grip manufacturers you can expect it to promise longevity. The outer case is of a solid material to withstand any rough handling. Also, if you are an intense player, that will be a bonus. Similarly, its 1500 grit finish comes in to make it more durable.

The hook potential of this ball will increase your chances of winning. It spins earlier and still maintains a smooth finish until the end. Moreover, it has vast RG, which makes it a more powerful ball.  Nonetheless, the differential potential is at a lower end to increase its reactions.

Most people fail to inquire about the internal construction of the ball. Consequently, they end up in disappointment when drilling or else in the ball movements.  This fantastic bowling ball has a symmetric inner core. Do you know what that means?  It implies you got the luxury of enjoying many drilling options and smoother motions when spinning.

Final Verdict

Every part of a bowling ball construction is critical. Having an elegant cover stock and a poorly constructed inner core will thwart the ball movements.  You may think that it is quite impossible to get a bowling ball whose entire construction is excellent. But I will tell you this; it all depends on the manufacturer. Roto grip balls are known to promise wholesome quality.

It is a brand that lives onto their words to deliver balls with high functionality. To prove my words, this piece gives more reasons why this brand stands to be unbeatable. Also, it avails a Roto grip bowling ball review of their balls, which have left every other brand brainstorming on their next take.