How to throw a Bowling Ball

Bowling a straight ball is difficult for beginners. And when it comes to making a curve, it is even tougher! So, if you are a beginner, we will tell you how to throw a bowling ball!

No matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned bowler, you have surely failed sometimes! And to take you out of the dilemma, we have come up with better tips that will work for the bowlers.

Check out what we have in our bag! Let us know how to throw straight and curve bowling balls!

How to throw a Bowling Ball

Getting the Right Bowling Ball and Equipment

The Right Ball

While throwing the ball, the first important fact is choosing the right ball. In this case, you have to go through the weight of the ball first.

The highest weight of a bowling ball is 16 pounds. Check the ball and make sure that you are comfortable holding the ball.

Also, your weight can play an important role here. Choosing the right cover stock, along with the perfect drills, are also necessary.

Also, certify that the weight of the ball is 10% of your body weight.

Bowling Pins

There are different types of bowling pins, such as candlepin, ten-pin, and duckpin.

These are made of maple wood and are sturdy. Consider buying a good quality pin if you are a newbie in this sector!

Hand Accessories

First of all, you will need a wrist guard. As your wrist is going to move a lot, it needs protection.

With the right wrist guard, you can limit the wrist’s tilting and have more consistent throws.

Also, to keep your hand protected from all sorts of repetitive motions of hands, you can pick up the wrist, ankle, and elbow bands.

If you want the ultimate safety of your fingers, pick up the finger tape.


For your safety, you can wear a particular type of shoe for playing bowling ball. If you settle for regular shoes, they will surely stick to the floor and cause injuries.

Specially designed bowling ball shoes will have exclusive soles. So, braking will be more comfortable.

How to Throw a Bowling Ball for Hook


First of all, you have to check the foul line. Now, take a position that is some inches away from that line.

People often ask where to aim when bowling a straight ball. You don’t need to look at the pins instead aim at the lane.

Before you learn how to throw a bowling ball hook, you must know how to hold a bowling ball. Make the grips stable first. Put your thumb and the other two fingers.


Now move forward and take the right foot in front. The ball will stay parallel to the ankles. In this situation, you will bend your knees a little.

Now, swing your hand backward. With the help of your bowling hand, all you need to do is hold the ball properly and take your hand back.

Don’t forget to keep the arm straight so that your ball is straight. Now, you have to take your ball forward.

As soon as the hand goes backward, take it forward, keeping the hand straight. Yes, it is just like a pendulum.

Make sure you reach as much level as you can when you take the ball back, but when you take the ball forward, the height should not be over your shoulder length.


Now that you have already come to the front position with your ball, you have to release it.

Here, keep in mind that your hand’s palm should be under the ball and not over. Your palm will face the upward direction keeping the ball on your palm.

First of all, take your thumb out of the ball. And then, you can easily take away the other two fingers gently! While releasing, you will need to take your wrist back a little.

How to Throw a Bowling Ball for Curve


Just like before, you have to stand some inches away from the foul line. It is always better not to focus on the pin.

So, you should keep your eyes on the arrow of the lane. While approaching, you should move just like you did before.


After taking the approach, you have to swing your ball. Make a perfect grip. Hold the ball and keep the palm on the ball.

While swinging back, the ball must face downwards while your palm will be above the ball facing the ground. Here, you have to ensure that your wrist is stiff.

If you want to know how to throw a bowling ball faster, you have to work on your swinging movements. Move your hands several times, and you will find the position flexible.


Take the hand and the ball from back to front in a swinging motion like a pendulum. While releasing the ball, pull out your thumb first.

But this is when you do your trick! When you are about to release and take your thumb from the holes, you have to carefully get rid of the other two fingers.

If you want to know how to release a bowling ball for the perfect curve, your fingers’ work is what you need to learn!

While releasing, you have to rotate your fingers up a bit. Make the ball spin with your fingers. As a result, the ball will get a curve.


So, now you know how to throw a bowling ball! No matter if you are going to throw the ball straight or are going to make a curve, all you need to do is follow these methods!

We assure you that if you follow the steps carefully, you will soon be a PRO bowler! Don’t forget to tell us your secret tricks for throwing a bowling ball that works! Comment below and share with us!