How to Spin a Bowling Ball

How to Spin a Bowling BallHooking a bowling ball seems so spontaneous on TV, but is that so easy to do? Whether you are a seasoned bowler or just a newbie, you know things are not as simple as it appears. However, we can tell you how to spin a bowling ball without missing it!

Don’t worry; we do not promise to teach you curving a bowling ball within seconds. It requires practice, time, and effort.

Here, we will tell you about the steps you need to follow for spinning a bowling ball. Along with that, we will correct the mistakes you make! Let us jump right into the process so that you do it right every time you do it! Have a look!


Spinning a Bowling Ball (Step by Step)

Step 1: Finding the Right Ball

No matter how perfect you can spin if the ball is not right for your hand shape, it’s of no use. So, my friend, you have to deal with the correct ball first. Get the one that has the right holes to fit your finger.

The holes should be tight enough to hold your finger. And also, they should be flexible enough to let go of your fingers when you throw the ball! Check the pins of your ball to know the core.

If it includes a single pin, it has a symmetrical core. The balls with an asymmetrical core have two pins. On the contrary, the weight of the bowling ball is something you cannot forget. The weight of the ball would be 10% of your weight. That’s the ideal, mass, trust us!

Step 2: Spotting the Pocket

Spotting the right angle for the pocket is the real difference between you hooking the ball and missing it! You have to locate the area between the one-pin and the three-pin if you are a right-handed bowler.

However, things might change if you are a left-hand bowler. In this situation, you have to identify the area between the one-pin and the two-pin. Before bowling, spot the pocket correctly.

Step 3: Holding the Ball

Holding the ball in the right manner is vital here. First of all, you have to keep in mind that you are going to spin the ball here, so you need the spinning motion. Use your palm along with the inner wrist. And hold the ball but make sure you are gentle.

While practising, check from the sides. If you view it from the side, you will see that you are holding it at a 90-degree angle.

Step 4: Line up the Stance

Holding the ball, you have to stand in the middle point of the lane horizontally. As a result, the ball will curve on the other side. And then, it will target the pocket entry.

However, your grip can make things tough. Decide the stance according to your grip. If you have a firm grip, the middle-stance is perfect for both right and left-handed people.

For relaxed grips, the stance of the right-handed people should be outside right and vice-versa. If you have strong grip, the stance of the left-handed people should be outside right and vice versa.

Step 5: Make the Approach

If you know a bit about bowling, we can assume you know about the four-step approach. It is the most common so far. Stand straight and keep your feet straight too. Pick the ball with your bowling hand. Now, you have to take it to the height of your mid-chest.

Now, with the non-bowling hand, you have to support the ball. The feet will be pointed to the pins. Keep your shoulders square to the front. The bowling hand’s elbow should be close to the hip.

The right-handed bowlers should emphasize the right foot. Take one step forward with this foot and bring the ball forward. Make sure that you bring it to a position where it is over the right foot. Here, you have to support the ball with your empty hand.

[Note: From step 5 to step 7, we have mentioned the process for right-handed people. If you are a left-handed person, continue the same process with the opposite hand.]

Step 6: Arm and Wrist Positioning

Here, you will need the bowling hand to do a backswing. Now, you cannot get the right bowling force and line if you keep your arm and wrist twisted. So, in this position, you have to keep the arm and wrist straight.

Take the left foot forward. Along with it, keep lowering the ball. You have to make a half-circle with the ball. Take the ball to the knee level. Continue taking it further behind you until you complete the half-circle.

Step 7: Release the Ball

Move your right leg a step forward and take the ball to the highest by backswing. Now, take the left foot towards the line and move the ball forward. Certify that the right foot is passing the sideways behind the left leg tactfully.

Here, you will put your left leg and release the ball. While releasing the ball, keep in mind that your thumb will be out of the hole first. Then, another two fingers will be released. As your arm will swing, there will be a bit of rotation from your wrist during the spinning of the ball.

Don’t forget to lower your hoops a little. Also, move 15 degrees back and shift your weight there to balance the whole situation.

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Pro Tips for Spinning a Bowling ball

  • Understand the right grip for your ball
  • Maintain a constant grip if you want the perfect result
  • While doing backswing, never curve your hand
  • Releasing the thumb first will add power to the ball
  • Rotate your hands a little from the wrist while releasing the ball
  • Record yourself while practicing to know about the mistakes

Wrap Up

We have told you the whole process of spinning a bowling ball in degrees. We have also mentioned some tips so that you never repeat your mistakes. All you need to do is go through them attentively.

Now that you know the method of how to spin a bowling ball, you can do it correctly. Practice it for some time, and let us know how you did! Don’t forget to share your mistakes and improvements by commenting below!